A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration.

While this book should be in possession of every first year and second year at Hogwarts, the library also offers a few copies in the Magical Textbook Section.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

This chapter will look closely at the Transfiguration spell Avifors.

The word is derived from Latin, avis meaning "bird", and fors (a suffix often used in transfiguration spells) for "chance, luck, fortune". It is the incantation used and is pronounced AVI-forz.

Looking back at our categories in Chapter 1, this spell falls under the Transformation Transfiguration branch. It is used to transform objects into either a single bird or a flock of birds, depending on the desired outcome of the caster. It should not be confused with the Conjuration, Avis, which shoots birds from the wand tip and is more of a charm.

The spell itself is a vibrant blue color, and it is found that most starting Transfigurists can only transform objects into birds of the same blue color. As with more practice, however, the caster can will the color of the bird to be anything that they wish, and include patterns, such as plaid or checkered.

The level of this Transfiguration is basic.

t= Transformation of an object into a bird
a= caster must be heavier than the object being transformed
v= intent must be at least mild
w= any wand power
c= fair
Z= well-spoken, as clear as possible

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