A Beginners Guide to Herbology

written by Hermione Potter

Herbology Textbook for All Ages. This will guide you to some of the most commonly met plants and how to deal with them.

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Chapter 2

A Bubotuber is a type of magical plant, the visible part of which is said to resemble a large, thick, black slug. This portion of the plant also squirms of its own volition. The surface of a bubotuber is covered in shiny protrusions, which when squeezed yield a thick, yellowish-green pus that has an odour akin to that of gasoline/petrol.

Bubotuber pus acts as a treatment for severe acne, but undiluted pus can affect unprotected skin in unintended ways. This suggests that bubotuber pus is a topical treatment, but that the actual salve consists of the pus either diluted in a solution or mixed with other ingredients.

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