Absolutely, Alchemy

written by Hermione Potter

Brilliantly written, German Alchemist Marin Bratsch delves into the basic essential knowledge of alchemy, its history, and its famous works. Brief, concise instructions are emblazoned within every spell and every potion. Many references founded by the famous alchemists of our time are featured in the text with special chapters dedicated to Nicholas Flamel, Albus Dumbledore, and Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

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Dream Catch Potion

Chapter 19
Dream Catch Potion

The Dream Catch potion needs to only rest on the beside them intended wizard at night; it encourages the witch or wizard to dream, and records and stores them analyzing. Dreams are often difficult to understand, but the records act as a means to remind the drinker of what’s truly important in their life, as that is usually what most dreams reflect. Each vial of the potion can only record one week’s worth of dreams.

1 tsp of Armadillo bile
3 cups of Powdered root of Asphodel
half a dozen Ashwinder eggs
2 handfuls of Belladonna flowers
1 Crocodile heart
5 ½ crushed Ginger roots
13 liters Syrup of Hellebore
3 dozen Jobberknoll feathers
4 grams of powdered Moonstone
2 Runespoor eggs
¼ cup of Scarab beetles
5 Sliced Caterpillar
8 cups of Shredded Daisy roots

1. Add seven liters of syrup of hellebore to the cauldron and leave to boil.
2. In a separate mortar, crush belladona flowers, crushed ginger roots, and powdered moonstone until contents are powdered together as one.
3. Add one teaspoon of armadillo bile to the crushed mortar mixture and stir, then, combine mixture to the cauldron stirring clockwise and the mixture will shift into a dark crimson color.
4. Add three cups of powdered root of asphodel, stir counterclockwise for five minutes, and then clockwise for two minutes.
5. Add half a dozen eggs of ashwinder, if the concoction is correct, the eggs should sink to the bottom.
6. Toss in one crocodile heart, but be wary, the potion will begin to bubble and froth, allow it to do so until it almost seems to bubble over and then toss in the three dozen jobberknoll feathers, and the mixture should begin steaming as it cools and the froth lessens and disappears leaving a murky maroon color behind.
7. Allow the mixture to sit for approximately ten minutes, or until the mixture has cooled and stops steaming.
8. Then, add the sliced caterpillars and the shredded daisy roots, turning counterclockwise only.
9. Drop in a quarter cup of scarab beetles, and two runespoor eggs; the mixture should begin fading to a red color.
10. Combine the remaining six liters of syrup of hellebore and the potion will turn into a translucent shade of brown is concocted correctly.
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