Magical Transportation

written by Hermione Potter

This book will cover the very intricate and unique ways that muggles and magical people use to get from point A to point B! This book will cover things like the Knight Bus, Hogwarts Express, Brooms, Portkeys and much more! I hope that you will find this book to be a brilliant asset for you!

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Magic Carpets

Chapter 3
Chapter Three

Magic Carpets

History of Magic Carpets

Magic carpets are rugs that have been charmed with Motion Forms, allowing them to fly. Magic carpets were invented by an Indian wizard by the name of Tupi Itazipcho. He needed to get to the other side of his village, but he had a broken leg and his 4 year old son with him. He looked down and saw his family carpet and an idea struck him. He was a natural at charms and was able to come up with the spell Tapete Musca, which gave the carpet the ability to fly. He grabbed his son, hopped on the carpet and got to the other side of the village. The only problem with Itazipcho’s charm was that you had to enchant the carpet before you got on it. This meant that it was difficult to get on the carpet, since it already had to be floating off the ground.

In 1029 CE, Ali Wabinshi created a spell for the carpet to take off after you have gotten on the carpet. That way, you could get on the carpet on the ground, instead of having to try and climb on when it was already floating. As Wabinshi was getting older in age, he found it harder to mount the carpet while it was in the air. After many painful attempts, he finally found the Take Off Charm, allowing him to get on the carpet and still be able to fly with it.

The incantation he discovered is Aufer Cidarim (aw-fir cid-A-rim). It's a simple spell and it literally means to "take off" in Latin. The wand movement is a small clockwise square followed by a simple jab pointed towards the carpet.
You do have to be aware of backfires though. If you do a counter-clockwise square instead of a clockwise one, it will cause you to be shot backwards. This should not hurt you too much unless there are things behind you. It is important to note, that even though you have learned this charm, do NOT use it on your carpets at home.

Magic carpets were used throughout the world until 1995 when the carpet was defined as a Muggle artifact by the Registry of Proscribed Charmable Objects. This made it illegal to use magic carpets in Britain. The Ministry enforces this law and anyone found to be using a magic carpet can face a serious fine or even some time in Azkaban.

Other countries still use magic carpets as a form of transportation, especially in Asia and the Middle East. One merchant, Ali Bashir, used to provide magic carpets to Great Britain. Once they were made illegal, he has became upset because he lost a lot of business. He has since moved into Asia and his business is flourishing once again.

Magic Carpets & the Ministry

Once the carpet was defined as a Muggle artifact, it was considered illegal to charm it. Arthur Weasley was the key proponent of this bill. Now, it is up to the Muggle Artifacts Office to make sure that no person in Britain uses a charmed magic carpet. If one is caught with a magic carpet, you will be fined 30 galleons and you may even serve up to six months in Azkaban. Please do not take these rules lightly as the Ministry does not.

Magic Carpets vs. Broomsticks

Pros of Magic Carpets: Magic carpets have advantages over broomsticks. The obvious one is that you can travel with more than one person. You can fit two people on a broom, but doing so makes it very dangerous to fly. You can fit a family on one magic carpet. Another advantage is that carpets are much more comfortable than broomsticks.

Pros of Broomsticks: Besides being a legal form of transport, broomsticks will also go faster than a magic carpet. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, it is best to use a broomstick. You also do not need to worry about casting a charm to make a broom fly. The broom will feed off of your magical energy and is able to fly from that.

Using a Magic Carpet

Riding a magic carpet is a lot like flying a broom. The controls are the same except for the takeoff. Instead of mounting, you will simply situate yourself on top of the magic carpet. Once everyone has got on, one person needs to perform the Take Off Charm.

Once you are in the air, lean slightly forward to go forwards. To turn, lean the way you want to turn. To brake or go backwards, simply lean back. Finally, to land, lean all the way forward and the carpet should head back towards the ground slowly.

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