The Battle Of Hogsmeade

written by Carl Sr.

When Cho storms out of Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop due to a misunderstanding. Harry sees an explosion outside. Evil forces have arrived to Hogsmeade. ---CHAPTER 2 IS UP---

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A Misunderstanding

Chapter 1

The day started with an eager and nervous Harry, getting ready for the date with Cho at Madam Puddifoot's Tea shop. Harry wore jeans and a Gryffindor t-shirt, with a black sweatshirt over it. 

He and Cho met outside the shop. Harry acted like a gentleman around her and held the door open for her. As they walked in, everything was pink. It was like Umbridge owned it, but less cat pictures. There were many different people there. They found a table covered in pink table cloth and sat down.

First it was usual small talk, to jokes, to funny stories and then it escalated to the topic that Harry hated most: Cedric. 

Harry wanted to change the topic, considering it is not a pleasant topic, considering he died. Harry spoke up:

"How about we change the topic?"


"Uh...Because it's not pleasant to both of us."

"Yes I know it's insensitive, but what should we do, forget about his death never happened? Act like he never existed?"

"No! I just mean....this is supposed to be a light-hearted date."

"Well, I'm sorry I'm not pleasant and light-hearted enough for you. At least i'm not insensitive!" Cho yelled, face flustered. Everyone at the shop was staring at the scene. 

"You are over-reacting! Just calm down." said Harry, annoyed. 

"ME? At least I have a heart and care for other people! YOU GIT!"  Screamed Cho. She stormed out angrily. Everyone was sitting in awkward silence, staring at Harry. He looked out at the frosty window to see where she was headed.

That's when he saw it. 

A massive explosion erupting from the Hogsmeade Post Office. Glass shattered everywhere and a small fire was eating up the wooden building.

It caused havoc in the cafe, people screaming and running. 

Harry ran out and headed towards the exit back to the castle. On the way, he saw 4 cloaked figures chasing other students, wands at the ready, ready to strike. That's when Harry shifted directions, chasing towards the havoc, remembering he needed to protect his friends. 

He screamed "STUPEFY." and hit a dark figure in the chest, throwing him backwards.

Many more cloaked people arrived from the sky, ready to attack, followed by dementors swooping behind them.

The Battle of Hogsmeade has begun.

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