The Battle Of Hogsmeade

written by Carl Sr.

When Cho storms out of Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop due to a misunderstanding. Harry sees an explosion outside. Evil forces have arrived to Hogsmeade. ---CHAPTER 2 IS UP---

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Hermione'S Duel

Chapter 2

Teachers and brave students stormed out of all the shops with their wands out.

There were about two hundred death eaters causing walls of buildings to explode, making deadly bright fiendfyre across the snowy street, or fighting students. They were followed by about fifty dementors, eager to devour their next victim.  

On the good side, Mcgonagall, Trelawney, Flitwick, and Hagrid were all there, wands and umbrella's out. Mcgonagall put on a face of determination, however Harry could tell she was faking it. Trelawney was shaking in terror behind her, her very brittle hands could barley hold her wand. Flitwick ran out into the scene, having no fear. While Hagrid was just staring at it from afar, questioning it and coming up with an attack plan. 

About one-hundred-and-fifty confused and scared students ran for the castle. While the remaining two hundred different kids stayed to brawl.

Harry spotted Hermione running out of the snowy Three Broomsticks casting spells at the hooded death eaters.

Igor Karkaroff spotted her, and came running towards Hermione. "FILTHY MUDBLOOD!" shouted Igor. A flash of green light emitted from his dark wand. Hermione quickly jumped to the snowy ground, dodging it. The curse hit the Three Broomsticks. With a loud boom, The Three Broomsticks was now engulfed in bright orange flame.

She heard the explosion and the people inside screaming, covered in fire.

Igor smiled.

 Hermione jumped back up quickly. "BACK!" screamed Hermione, covered in snow. "EXPELLIARMUS!" 

Igor Karkaroff missed the spell by an inch. They continued fighting for a while, spells of all colors flying everywhere. Finally, Hermione screamed "STUPEFY!" hitting Igor in the chest, causing him to fly backwards into Honeydukes. He met a frosty glass window, and landed on the shop's floor, unconscious.

"HERMIONE!" Harry screamed, running towards her, dodging curses. "Are you okay?" 

"I'm fine, how was your date with Cho?"

There are curses casted around them, students screaming, people dying just feet away from them, and the most important question to ask Harry was how was his date? 

"This isn't really the time I know." said Hermione. "Let's go look for Ron." 

Harry heard a familiar voice, screaming.

Harry looked up and saw Cho Chang. Her face was colorless. She was yards away from them, forced up against a cold wooden wall by a dementor. Cho was screaming in pain. 

Harry ran towards the scene, but it was already too late. 

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