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Phoenixes a guide by Phoenix Leronica

Chapter 2 of 4

Birth and early life

Phoenixes are born from a burgundy like egg and fed by their mothers for one month they learn to fly after two weeks on average in rebirth they will not be an egg and hatch for full details go to the chapter on rebirth. Phoenixes which will pursue the form of an egg for a week after about five days they will train for flying by jumping up and down while flapping their wings they finally learn to fly by jumping from their nests and fly up at the last minute. If you're questioning how i know this my phoenix was orphaned and i had to raise him myself. Phoenix early life is very mysterious and this is the first time this has been introduced to the public. After that phoenixes becoming adults at six months old growing extremely fast learn everything about from other phoenixes when they meet one in that five months phoenixes have a lot of magical powers the phoenix as im sure you will know are birds of the elemental fire. Firebirds such as the Hoo-hoo do not have the same amount of power over fire as phoenixes with less magical power the other firebirds (not the phoenix). Its very hard for the phoenixes to unlock their magical powers they will take many hardships to unlock their magical power. My phoenix Sparky looked like he had a heart attack unlocking some of his magical powers! Magical powers are very important to the phoenix and if they do not unlock them in four years they will die not being reborn. They are also their main defence against anything who dares attack one bursting into flames burning the predator not himself. Once they are one year old they attempt at breeding bursting into flames to impress the mate but usually won't breed for another year. For more information read the chapter on breeding.