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The last Of Her Kind

Chapter 1 of 4

Chapter 1

“Twenty four people were killed today.” I said to my brother Tom, who asked what
was on the news today. “Kymriah, why are they all getting killed?” He asked again. “Tom, shut up! How am I supposed to know?” I yelled, but I knew why everyone was getting killed by the diplomats. More than 3,000 years ago. In the year 5450, the diplomats made rules for us, Avians. I’m an Avian, everyone left on earth is. The rules were strict but simple, we had to be perfect and always listen to the diplomats. Avians were half human and half robot, the reason is when we are born we are put small circuits into us that allow us to receive messages from the diplomats and check the latest news by making screens from the tips of out fingers. The screens were made by electricity from our fingers that caused to make a thin green screen that was meant for school, checking the news, and receiving messages. Avians don’t bleed, we don’t have hearts, but instead a technological object which controls our emotions. On the other hand the diplomats in our world now are legal assassins.
One mistake.
No mercy.
Diplomats are the ones who control Avians and they never die, at least not that I ever heard. Diplomats have rights to kill and make mistakes, they know all our secrets and lies. I Kymriah Foxx never made a mistake, I’m only 17 years old youngest of all in my family. The fact that I just said “shut up” to my oldest brother was risky to get me killed in seconds. Since I am an Avian, I have very little rights and privileges. I had the right to go to school, stand up to others except myself. My privileges were to wear only the colors white, black, and because I am still a child, the color red is also one of them. That was basically it. “So what are you planning to do today, Kymriah?” My mother walked into the room and asked. Compared to her I was different. I have long silver hair and a slightly wavy texture. My mother has brown short hair and so does my father. I am different because while the diplomats put my the circuit inside me they somehow messed with the machine and the final result was they changed my DNA into something non-human and on my left hand some lime green wires glow underneath my skin, and it’s really visible. My eyes are grey and shine like the moon at night, that you can see past the clear border in our Empire. The Empire I live in is the only civilized one left on earth, this why we have a clear strong border so the outsiders can’t come in and cause destruction. “Go to school.” I reply to my mother. I look at the time and say it’s time for my class. I go to my get dressed into my normal clothes, actually the only clothes we are allowed to wear. The clothes are simple, it’s just black pants and a cropped black shirt. I headed to the door, waiting for the public hover bus. While I was waiting I went onto my screen to check if there was a business class today, ended up there was

“Hey!” Someone just yelled while pushing through the crowd the other way from the school. Strange. “Someone get the diplomats!” Another person screamed. That’s when a huge group of diplomats ran past me. They were all wearing black rubber suits with high length boots and metal helmets. Worse thing was that frightened me was everyone of them
had a massive machine gun. Right behind them there was a body collector. What was happening in the massive crowd. Without hesitation I ran the other way from the school, and there it was. Bodies. Dead bodies. What was going on? More gunshots went off, the woman next to me was acting oblivious of what was happening, like she expected this. No matter what I needed to run to my school and pretend I didn’t know what just happened, it seems like bystanders are also getting killed.

“Kymriah! Wait up!” My best friend shouted as I was heading toward the bus station. I knew my best friend Marilyn since we were little kids. “Hey, Marilyn!” I reply.
“Did you hear what the Emperor did?” She asked
“No, what?”
The Emperor was the ruler of the Empire, nobody knows his real age or even how he looks.
“Rumor has it that the Emperor just announced that we now have a curfew!” Marilyn says.
“What’s the curfew?” I asked
“We have to be at home at six o’clock straight!”
“That’s odd, is something happening that we suddenly have a curfew?” I asked again.
“Nobody knows, but they say that there are criminals coming from the outdoors and making people go crazy!” Marilyn sounded anxious, she was obviously a night owl.

It was next morning already and the curfew didn’t bother, but it was so sudden.
“Kymriah! Quick look at the news!” My brother Tom yelled when I came into the kitchen. I gave him a confused look and opened my screen. That’s when the the screen turned red which meant there was an emergency. I read the news and couldn’t believe what it said.

On march 6, 8450. There was an accident near WEMENGTON School. The accident included a man, 23 years old, has gone crazy. 23 diplomats arrived and killed the man. 19 witnesses were killed and one escaped. The escaped witness was a 17 year old, Female Avian with long silver hair and a damaged left hand. If seen report to Diplomat Center.