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Chapter 1: Introduction

In the Wizarding world, a lot of magic is extremely dangerous and even fatal. Dark magic is everywhere, but something worse may lurk in the shadows.
Imagine this: you are traveling along a road, next to a pond. Then, something with long fingers grabs your leg! It's a grindylow! What do you do?
If you don't know, then this book will tell you. Just turn the page, go to Chapter 2, and learn how to defeat those pesky imps, pixies, and gnomes.
As a last note, the Ministry of Magic has made a rating scale for magical creatures. Here it is:
X- Boring
XX- Harmless, Can Be Domesticated
XXX- Competent Wizard Should Cope
XXXX- Very Dangerous/ Rare
XXXXX- Known Wizard Killer, Do Not Mess With