SOULD've let go..
Celestia .C. Granger
14 year old Every blue Was put in Azkaban for 13 years for Killing her step Mother and Her Step Brother, Her sister, Brother , Father and Mother were Very mad at her, but it wasn't her who did it, it was Her BestFriend well use to be best friend, Her best friend (ava Every) was a demon, a very rare Gift or should I say Curse, She Hated Every but acted like a Great Friend, Then see killed about 20 people, Her step mother and step brother were 2 people who were killed by her, what happens if she was the goddaughter to Remus Lupin and she breaks out in her 3th year of Hogwarts.... She was put in Azkaban at the age of 6... she had changed when she got out.. Start Reading