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i wore a black shirt, black jeans with a silver belt, ankle tall black boots with 3 inch heels. a sword hung at my side. 3 feet long blade. the blade was made out of mortal blade and celestial bronze and it could kill mortals, half-bloods, monsters, and others. my name is angela jackson, daughter of poseidon, king, god, lord, ruler of all seas and creater of horses. i had magical powers, even more powerful than my brother percy. i could change form, unlike him. yes, i am poseidon's favorite child. he favors me above all his childern. yet, i love my brother too. my mom, as poseidon says, is a queen among women. my hair was jet black, sleek and straight, long. i was 5'4, 16 years old. i will lead a quest, and come back to camp safely.