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Chapter 1 of 18

How it happened..

I was sitting in the room with mum while she was working, we were talking about Hogwarts, her job, The Ministry, Magic, Muggle world and a lot of other stuff, I got my wand and started to play around with spells my mum said "Sweety, Lydia Please be carful... No one wants to get hurt...." I nodded and said "okay mummy..." she laughed and went back to work, I remember that I said a spell it back fired of the glass cup and it hit mum I yelled "MUM NO! PLEASE, I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO YOU!, PLEASE MOM I'M SORRY PLEASE!" I cried and cried until dad and Luna came in, father was calling Someone on a wizard thingy and I cried and cried Luna said "its going to be okay Lee..." that's what she use to call me... I said "no it's not... I killed mum by accident..." Luna hugged me while father looked mad at me, Then a few moments later there was a bang at the door, There was Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, The Ministry, Mad eye Moody, and more people I didn't know, Father said " I'm sorry Lydia.. but this is for your own good..." I yelled "NO! NO PLEASE DON"T! I'm SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO KILL MUMMY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO IT WAS BY ACCIDENT!" I cried and cried, but the minister of magic Didn't care he got Mad eye moody and Remus Lupin to take me to Azkaban, I didn't want to leave, Father didn't look sad, he looked mad... Luna looked like she was Going to Drown the place of tears, Remus and mad eye looked sorry, But I.... I had a mix of both feelings, Mad and Sadness...

when we got there it was cold and Windy, I was cold but I didn't care, I was going to go to a place were I'll never feel happy, Remus didn't throw me in the sell, that was because Mad eye wanted to do it all by himself, and then he threw me in the cell, Never to get out