Warriors, WindClan

WindClan now has a new leader, given to them by StarClan a few moons ago. The Clan has new Warriors, kits, and apprentices. It makes SkyClan powerful, but they don't thirst for the other Clans loyalty, ThunderClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan.

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Chapter 1
Leader: Petalstar, light grey color tabby she-cat with furry ears and a light color stomach
Deputy: Flameclaw, blue-grey she-cat
Medicine Cat: Flowerdark, young white tabby she-cat

Leafshine, dark brown she-cat
Cloudrun, black tom
Summerpelt, dark green tabby with grey belly
Molehunt, ginger tom
Dawnrise, pale ginger tabby
Sparrowfur, brown tom
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