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Short Stories / One-Shots

You turn invisible to humans for a day - only animals can see you exist. What happens?

Re-write a scene from a film, book or even one of your own older stories if one of the main characters was another gender or sexuality. How would this affect the situation?

You wake up one day as somebody in the same room as you right now.

You're jailed for a crime you didn't commit. You're permitted three phone calls to anyone you want. Describe each one.

You discover a hefty stack of unsent letters in your late grandfather's desk.

Your best friend murders your partner. Why, and how do you react?

You have 200 last words, a message to people you know, before you die immediately. What are they?

Write a one-shot about anything without using a specific letter.

Imagine a completely new character and sit them in a plain room with your mother. What happens?

Put your favourite book character in a car with the nearest person. You decide which person drives and where they are going. What happens? (Not interesting enough? Make the car crash!!!)

Describe the daily life of lion/ess who has decided to go vegan but is slated by his/her/their peers.

Write a short novel where you think of your favourite album by any band or singer. Each song name is the title of a chapter.

Imagine you are a pre-teen. You cycle to school one day but all you find are your equally confused friends. The school building has vanished without a trace and there is no sign of any teachers. What do you all do?

You got up today to discover everybody you see has wings. But not you.