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Broken Angel

Chapter 1 of 9

My 4th year

When he showed the other school’s he also wanted someone else to come

He said “know we have someone else joining us, Please welcome back MISS ECLIPSE”

I opened the door and smiled i went to the front and said to Dumbledore “thank you professor Dumbledore For having me back” he smiled and I smiled back at him then I went to the Gryffindor table, one of my friends Hermione Granger said “Where have you been?” I said “uh-huh I needed to help my mum take care of my dad?” she said “nice try Daphne… We all saw you in the Paper…. What happened?” I sighed and said “someone Blamed me on a few people that died in a fire, they were all family apparently someone went into there house and said a spell, then the House went into Flames.. Then the Ministry came with some other people, other people said that i did it and then i went to Azkaban for Three or Two years…”

My sister Came and said “hello again sister….”
I said “Hello Delilah…”
She said “you know… I wish you were back in Azkaban for what you did… for killing my best Friend and For killing mum….”
I glared at her and said “you better watch your back… Because soon…. You’ll regret EVERYTHING that you did to me…”

She laughed and said “should i put you BACK in Azkaban?”
I said to her “no need, I might just want to go back… brat…”
I said to her then said to Hermione “Hermione I’m going To go to the Gryffindor tower See you later….

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