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Moon Cat (unfinished)

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Hey y'all! OwO

My name is Ash and I love cats. Okay, that's a slight lie. I'm definitely a dog person!!!

But writing this story from a random prompt has made me fall in love with kitties. I now really wish I could have one -3-

This is the story of Ginger, three cats, and a crazy old cat lady. I wrote this not really to become popular or because I think it's an amazing idea, but because I enjoy writing, and was just a little bit bored one morning. I searched thru a list of writing prompts, desperate to get my creative juices "flowing", and found one image of a black cat who looked half spirit. I loved the idea of a ghost cat, especially since I loved animals, and went straight into writing without a plan. (If I'm honest, plans never work out for me!! To be fair, neither do my stories ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

So... enjoy, I guess! I'm gladly accepting reviews for this book. If you could find the time, drop me an owl or post on my wall, it would be super appreciated!

Ah, one more thing, I totally forgot! This book is currently unfinished but I'm dying to publish it. I will update it every few days, and if possible, maybe even daily! <3

Hope you like the story!
~ Ash :P UwU II-//