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The 5th final Founder of Gryffindor... PART one

Chapter 2 of 6

Day 20

its day 20, Godric and Salazar are already fighting -_- I went up to them and said "no need to fight... Boys we have Students To tech!" Salazar glared at me which made me smile I won the fight! he then smiled so did Godric I said to them "so what do you tech God?" He said " 1, I don't like that nickname. second I have to tech Them Spells right know" I nodded and said "well since its not my day to tech I'm going to go walk around Hogwarts buh-bye!" and yes sometimes I do act like a child but really I don't....

Day 24

its day 24 you know what that means I tech! so I need to go BYEE