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Ravens tale 2 : the patronus

Chapter 1 of 8

Ravens Birthday

It was the the last day of July; Ravens birthday , she got up and dressed in a cute skirt, a shirt and headband with a raven on it. Fastening her shoes she headed down to the dining hall for breakfast quite happy,
" morning dear!" Called her mother hugging her.
" Raven happy birthday!" Shouted her father also joining the group hug. Raven had her favourite breakfast; a selection of croissants and a frappe, before opening her presents.
" some presents from your friends arrived by owls this morning" her mother said handing her the parcels. Raven was so happy her mother and father were getting on now and was happy to be home for once. She opened the first package and letter;

' hey Raven!
Hope your having an amazing birthday - from my whole fam :)) you will like your present
- ebz ' inside was a beautiful dark blue short dress that looked beautiful.
" wow ebz" Raven gasped. Then there was a cute cat accessories from maple, a dark blue luxury quill from Sapphire, a new pair of vans off Rose, Raven loved all her presents. She was going to have a party tomorrow and went to send invitations, to all her friends and ebz family.


Raven was walking through the wood near her mannor when she could see a pretty midnight black owl soaring towards her, it carried a small parcel. She took it and the owl landed on her shoulder and waited for her to open it;
' hope you love it ' said a folded up note, and inside was a gorgeous necklace with 2 dolphins and lots of gems. She smiled and put it on,
" thanks " she said to the owl and it took flight. Raven hoped the party would go well tomorrow, but before she could think much on that she had to go to her room to finish the summer Holliday homework. Turns out hogwarts didn't give you the summer off.

" Raven are you ready to go !?" Her mother called up the stairs.
" yes! " Raven shouted back. She ran down the stairs to where her mother and father were.
" you and your dad are going to buy you a broom for quidditch practise, seen as I'm not iterested in quidditch I'm designing the party. See you later!" And she hustled off to the dance room.
" let's go then " her dad said as they went to the fire placed.
" diagon Alley!" Her father shouted. When he had gone Raven did the same and appeared in diagon Alley a few minutes later.

" there you are!" He father put his arm round her and they set off to 'quality quidditch supplies ' . " so what position on the quidditch team are you going for?"
" preferably seeker, but chaser if not" Raven smiled.
" yes I was a chaser, but I'm proud whatever position you are in, as long as you win!" He added joking. Raven laughed too,and they carried on walking until they reached the little red shop.
" look dad they have all sorts of brooms!" Raven gasped.
" would you like the nimbus 2000, nimbus 2001 or the firebolt?" Asked her father.
" I like the nimbus 2000, the 2001 doesn't have as much speed just more flashy, and the fire bolt is too fast so that it's allways an easy win " she answered.
" great choice I would have said the same!" Her father bought it for her. Raven now stood outside the shop with a broomstick shaped package, she couldn't believe her dad had just bought her it,
" you bought it right there and then?!" She gasped.
" well yes we didn't go to just look at them" Her dad laughed.
" I thought you would wait till I got into 3rd or 4th year"
" nope! Anyway I hope I'll be getting a letter saying you won !"
" you think I'll get on the team?!" Raven was nervous.
" of course! You got 100% in your flying examination and probably will get an invitation to join as soon as you get there!" Her father reassured her. Raven hugged him and smiled;
" thanks dad!" :))

When Raven got home she was rushed away to get ready for the party, she put the necklace and the new dress on and shoes before looking in the mirror. She thought she looked really nice and went downstairs. Her parents agreed that she looked pretty and waited at the fire place as the guests were arriving by flew powder. When everyone was there they all went to the party room draped in dark blue and silver with stars in which was a dance floor and a buffet with lots of circle tables with white cloth.
" it looks excellent Raven " Maple smiled. They all went dancing but then Ravens friend ash caught her eye and she told her friends she was going to the bathroom. But instead left the room and proceeded to the garden. It had high bushes and benches around she went round the corner of one of the hedge walls and sat down..
" hey " ash appeared round the corner.
" hai" she said. He sat down next to her. It was night now and the stars overhead looked amazing. Ash and Raven talked for a little before they went back to the party.

" where have you been this party's really cool " she was on the dance floor with her friends again but it was getting so crowded with other guests that she walked right into ash on the dance floor.
" hey again" he blushed. Raven felt like she was going to die from blushing . Ash led her onto the dance floor and they danced for a while,( they like each other) , and when the party was over ash hugged Raven before leaving.