it all starts with a Break out (not ready...)
Celestia .C. Granger
14 year old Fright Davis was sent To Azkaban When she was 5... Oh some People think she was Misunderstood they tough she was not the Person who Killed 12 people in deathly hollows... but oh she was... SHE WAS A MURADER! everyone didn't know that of course.. But what happens when she gets out of Azkaban and Starts killing people at Hogwarts? She was sorted into Slytherin... When people found out about who killed those People... They all are scared of her... but They don't notice In till 5th year... The awaking of Voldemort... Will she Join Voldemort with his death Eaters or Join Dumbledore With his Order People? or not? will Fright Be scared of her life and Not go to Hogwarts the following year? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Hello Hogwarts fan its Tina Granger Here and I have a new book! tell me if you like it Please! <3 baii its one of my fav so Far that I did <3 Start Reading