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Carissa was so happy, she finally was able to attend Hogwarts, she was skipping in the crowds of people but she bumped into someone, "ow!" she said falling down on the ground, "Watch where your going!" a boy yelled, "Stop being rude!" Carissa said, "Whatever." the boy said, I saw a few adults and some kids walking up to the boy, "What's going on here James?" The Man said, "This girl bumped into me!" he said annoyed, "rude much... I have a name you know!" Carissa said hurtful, "Well she bumped into me not even saying sorry!" the person said said, "You didn't let me say sorry you only said, "watch where your going!", Carissa said mocking his tone, "know your being the rude one!" He said, Carissa rolled her eyes, "boys these days tsk." Carissa said, everyone burst out laughing, Suddenly she saw her family running over to her, "Carissa Greengrass Malfoy! You cannot run off like that!" Her father said, "S-sorry father I won't do it again..." Carissa said bowing her head down, "Don't be sad come here, give me a hug." Her father said smiling, she smiled and gave him a big hug