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Meeting Henry Ridgeback and the potters

September 2018.
(I know this is Cr- Poopy but I don't really care :/ it's 9:36 Pm and I'm about to die so yeahhh Gn peeps)

Celestia was happy, she never knew that Hogwarts would be real, she was so busy packing her stuff she forgot to eat breakfast but she was okay because she knew there was food on the train that she could eat, she waved to her mom and dad as she walked backward towards the train but before someone could stop her she bumped into someone, making her and the person fall over, "Ugh!" the stranger said before pulling themselves up off of the dirty floor and dusting themselves off, "Watch where your going!" The person said very rudely, Celestia got up off the ground and looked at the person, "excuse me?" Celestia said shocked, "you need to watch where your going!" Celestia said very annoyedly, "I wasn't the one walking backwards." He said, "Whatever you still could have been nice about it!" Celestia said, "Oh my gosh! what happened here?" someone said, Celestia turned around to see someone from one of her Hogwarts books, of course! she remembered she was Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley's and Harry Potter's bestfriend but before you could say Hogwarts Celestia was gone, "Erm… could I sit here?" Celestia asked nervously looking in the compartment, it had two greenish blueish seats, the one you find on school buses and a shelf above to put your stuff up, There was a boy reading a book called Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, He nodded and smiled, "go ahead, no one's sitting here." he said, Celestia nodded and sat down, "who are you?" he asked, "I'm Celestia Granger." Celestia said smiling, "I'm Henry, Henry Ridgeback, It's nice to meet you Celestia." he said holding out his hand, Celestia shook his hand, "Nice to meet you Henry." Celestia said before grapping a book from her bag, "erm hello! Could I sit here with you?" A girl said, Celestia knew who she was, she was Celestia's bestfriend Ellie Snow, "Yeah sure go ahead!" Celestia said smiling

(Want to know more about celestia's past read the whole thing!_