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The Girl Who Had No Choice

Chapter 1 of 1

Chapter One

I quickly pulled on my robes and slipped my wand up her sleeve. I knew what I had to do. I pulled my hood over my face, and strode out the door. It was midnight, and not many people were outside. I slid out my wand, my knuckles white on the hilt. I made a strange clicking-whispering sound, and a thestral flew down from the sky and stopped in front of me. I smiled grimly. I slid onto the beast, and whispered into the thestrals ear: “Malfoy Manor.” Instantly, the thestral spread its wings and took off, sweeping into the night. I flew for about an hour, watching pinpricks of light that were cities fly by. Finally, the thestral started to descend, and finally landed in front of a large, dark manor house. I dismounted
“Malfoy Manor. Come, Dralon.” I whispered. The thestral walked forward with her, up the long drive. Tall hedges lined the pathway. The unlikely duo stopped at the door, and I knocked. The door flew open, and she found herself with a wand pointing at her throat. I didn’t flinch. Stay calm and composed. I thought, you must succeed.
“Who are you? Declare yourself and your business.” the voice was harsh, and the speaker was none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. Her eyes were flashing.
“My name is Zephyr Darklighter. I come to join the Death Eaters. I am a powerful witch and I am not afraid to fight for you.” I said. She considered me, now more curious than hostile.
“Come inside.” she said. I did. The inside of Malfoy Manor was extravagant, with green hangings with the Slytherin serpent on all of them. The carpet was also green. I continued to follow her, breathing slowly to steady my heart. She opened another door, and pointed.
“In there.” I followed her finger. Inside were three people. They had to be the Malfoys. Bellatrix came in after me. The Malfoys considered me. The boy had to be their son. He looked about sixteen, not much older than me.
“Sit,” ordered Bellatrix. I sat. “so, you want to join the Death Eaters. Why?” she demanded.
“I have seen what you are capable of. I see the world through your eyes, though my family seems to believe that Muggles should be treated with the same respect as wizardkind. Pathetic,” I spat. “So I came here. I am powerful and skilled, and skipped a year at Hogwarts. My teachers told me that I was destined for great things. So here I am. Hoping to follow their words.” I finished. My heart beat faster. Bellatrix was silent.
“What house are you in?” she said coldly.
“Ravenclaw. However, the Sorting Hat wanted me in Slytherin, but decided on Ravenclaw in the end. I would be happy with either.” She regarded me.
“Draco.” she said suddenly, and the boy looked up. “Duel her. I want to see if she is truly talented.” Draco got up, and so did I, drawing my wand. We stood facing each other, and bowed, then turned around and walked forward ten steps. Bellatrix counted for us.
“One, two… three.” I had my mind made up in a split second.
“VENTUS!” Draco was engulfed in spinning winds, but I didn’t stop there. The only way to be accepted was to show no mercy. “IMPEDIMENTA!” everything froze.
"Enough." Bellatrix purred. "you may join our ranks. Draco! She can sleep in your room." I performed the counter curse on Draco, and he unfroze. The winds vanished.
"Mrs. Lestrange, what about my thestral, Dralon?" I asked.
"Draco, you know where the stables are. Take Zephyr to them." She strode out of the room. Draco beckoned me to him as he too, exited the room. We walked in silence for a while.
“So,” he said “how old are you?”
“I’m fifteen, but in sixth year. You?”
“Sixteen. Sixth also. I’ve seen you around.”
“Same.” more silence.
"Are you a death eater?" I asked.
"I'm not sure. I haven't been actually recruited, but it's only a matter of time. My father is one."
"I know. So do you want to become a Death Eater?" silence again.