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Harry and Draco

Chapter 1 of 3

Draco’s POV

I wake up well rested after a nap. I look around my room and see my phone. I go to pick it up but then my dad yells “ Hurry up Draco! We haven’t got all day. You’ll miss the train for Hogwarts”,. I almost fly out of bed. I forgot today was the first day of fifth year. I jump out of bed and undress myself. I put on a black long sleeve shirt and a dark green sleeveless sweatshirt on top of it. I go into my closet and stuff all the essentials for Hogwarts in my trunk. I look around for my shoes and see my wand next to my phone. I can’t forget those two things. I finally find my white, black striped adidas and slip them onto my feet. I close my trunk and drag it down the stairs into the kitchen. “Oh honey, you look so handsome”, my mom squeals. “I’m not handsome mom”, I grumbled in an annoyed tone so she would understand that I was irritated. “Oh ok. Sorry”, she said quietly while staring at the floor. “ We should get going”, said my dad. We all hopped into our dark blue mustang and drove towards the train station. I plugged in my headphones and started listening to music. I looked out the window and started nodding my head to the beat. A few moments later we arrive at the station. It’s packed and I could already see people running through the platform. My mom offers to walk me with a kind smile, I feel bad so I nod my head in agreement. As soon as I got onto the platform I waved my parents goodbye and went to find a seat on the train. I go up to the train door and a lady hands me a ticket. “What’s this for”, I ask her. “This year everybody gets assigned train seats, so there’s room for everyone”, she explains. I nod my head and get onto the train. Then I realized I might not be seated with Crabbe or Goyle. I shake it off and go to look for my cabin. The ticket says my cabin number is cabin 102. I could’ve sworn I’ve heard of that cabin before all the older kids talk about it every year. I just forget about it and go forward in search of my cabin. I finally reach cabin 102 and see somebody in there. The glass was kind of foggy so I couldn’t see who it was. I put my trunk in the compartment and open the door. A boy was in there. He had brown hair messy hair and I heard a familiar voice speak. “No aunt Petunia, I wasn’t planning on going down for Christmas. Anyways tell uncle Vernon and Dudley I said hi. Bye love you”,. “Hi”, I said eagerly waiting to know who it was. He turned around and fixed his circular glasses. “Gasp” we both yell at the same time. “Draco”, he yells. “Harry”, I yell in response. We both just stood there for a long time looking at anything other than each other to avoid eye contact. I sit down on the cushions across from him and stare at him. He seemed nervous and his face was a little red. “Are you ok”, I asked. “Yes!”, he blurted out. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell”, he said quietly whilst hiding his face in his knees. “It’s ok. I was just asking cause your face is a little red”, I said. He faced the wall and just buried his face deeper into his knees. “So, do you fancy anybody”, I asked curiously. “No”, Harry said looking up. I felt kind of disappointed but I didn’t know why. It’s not like I like Harry. He’s straight and so am I. I think.