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First Year: Bitter Arguments by Andromeda Riddle 11 113
Written by Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Dive into the pages of this book and begin the journey or Rose, Andromeda, Nadia and Nia in their first year at Hogwarts. Betreyals and battles are on, the only question is - who will win?
  113 Reads • 11 Chapters
Managed IT Services by DavidMuller 1 67
If you want to enhance your business. MITServices is the best option for you
  67 Reads • 1 Chapters
The Golden Gala! by Luna Stars 1 163
At the Offical Hih student council we're holding a golden gala beginng on 19th of August 2022 at 7pm! Please request to join the group Golden gala Planning comitee if you have any ideas for the gala!
  163 Reads • 1 Chapters
Wizarding Days by Christine Malfoy 6 169
In this book I will be giving a list of books, recipes, songs, fashion, nail ideas, hair ideas, and games from the wizarding world.
  169 Reads • 6 Chapters
Office Relocation: Top Obstacles And The Manner To Ov… by [No Name] 2 114
With careful planning, thru manner of way of hiring a reliable Removalists corporation and with a chunk of research, businesses can overcome the constraints associated with place of job relocation.
  114 Reads • 2 Chapters
7 Packing Hacks From Professional Movers by [No Name] 0 0
When it comes to packing up your home for a move, it can be tricky to know where to start. A professional and Cheap Removalists company have seen it all, and they know a thing or two about how to make the process as smooth as possible. Then are 7 packing hacks from the pros that will help make your move lightly <pre> <b>1. Make a quilting plan<b> launch by making a list of everything that nee…
  0 Reads • 0 Chapters
Nyerogepek Jatekok Online by The Wise Hat 1 59
By The Wise Hat & NJO co. Cikk a nyerőgépekről, online játékokról és általában a kaszinókról.
  59 Reads • 1 Chapters
AR Uppers - Page 1 - Always Armed by [No Name] 0 0
1.What are AR Upper parts? The AR-15 which is also known as one of the deadliest rifles out there can be divided into 2 major parts. The upper and lower receiver parts. The top part is called the upper receiver part. This part is one of the crucial sections of the entire rifle. This structure encompasses multiple parts which are majorly responsible for the functioning of the rifle. The s…
  0 Reads • 0 Chapters
Assignment Experts by Emily 0 0
I will write a book on the emerging industry that provides cheap assignments to students. There are a lot of firms that provide <a href="">London assignment help</a> to the students in the UK but most of the students are not aware of these brilliant firms. The list of all the firms situated in the UK will be included with their website links. The name o…
  0 Reads • 0 Chapters
Quotes, Quotes, Quotes! Vol. 4 by Aphelion Silvius 6 102
The fourth edition of Quotes, Quotes, Quotes!
  102 Reads • 6 Chapters
A Family of Idiots: Rating HP Ships With the Marauder… by Jui Weasley 1 218
Arya Jha is the daughter of Minerva McGonagall. Zhara Patil is the daughter of Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon. Arya's boyfriend is... DRUMROLL Y'ALL- Rolf Scamander, Newt Scamander's grandson. :) Zhara's boyfriend is.... yet another drumroll.... FRED WHEEZYYYYYY All credits go to JK Rowling except for my own characters. (Please keep in mind that I do not support her views on the LGBTQIA+ co…
  218 Reads • 1 Chapters
Discord server! by Queen 1 178
a discord server for people to join!
  178 Reads • 1 Chapters
The Tales of Beedle the Bard by Piper Featherbridge 11 243
The Tales of Beedle the Bard is a collection of stories written for young wizards and witches. They have been popular bedtime reading for centuries, with the result that the Hopping Pot and the Fountain of Fair Fortune are as familiar to many young wizards and witches. Beedle’s stories resemble our fairy tales in many respects; for instance, virtue is usually rewarded and wickedness …
  243 Reads • 11 Chapters
Witchy News Issue #2 by Cindy Holmes 5 469
Rumors, Recipes, Fashion, Spells, and all you magical needs and questions answered here. New Issue released every other Tuesday.
  469 Reads • 5 Chapters
Guide to Feeling Like a Hogwarts Student by Christine Malfoy 9 341
This book will be a guide to feeling like a Hogwarts student. It will have tips and tricks on how to romanticize your life. I will add both light and dark aesthetics. I will go through many aesthetics, fashion, and so much more!
  341 Reads • 9 Chapters
Year one intro notes <Charms> by Lily Rodgers 1 161
Just read through these notes or smth- do whatever u want with them c:
  161 Reads • 1 Chapters
Harry potter pls read my book and I wrote the same te… by Sophia 1 118
Waiting for Harry potter to answer my questions...(you can come to my dream and guide me too) Harry potter pls read my comment (One portal to lucid dream opened and yif wizard gave a magical book to me as a present,and then I looked at a book and very big it was written HOGWARTS then suddenly I teleported through book to the Hogwarts castle (outside castle) I was shocked,I was flying around this…
  118 Reads • 1 Chapters
Newswarts (The No.1 Hogwarts Newspaper) #1 by Belyla Maypine 6 194
Today is the first weekly issue of the No.1 Hogwarts Newspaper (July 2022)
  194 Reads • 6 Chapters
The Early Discovery by Indigo 2 161
In the first wizarding war, Sirius fails to convince the Potters to switch secret keepers. He becomes the keeper instead of Peter, but as he predicted, it was too obvious. The Death Eaters find and capture him to demand information while James feels restless and guilty in hiding. Demanding for Dumbledore to stop being so reclusive, an early discovery about horcruxes is made. Everything changes.
  161 Reads • 2 Chapters
Quotes, Quotes, Quotes! Vol. 3 by Aphelion Silvius 7 154
The third edition of Quotes, Quotes, Quotes!
  154 Reads • 7 Chapters
The Granger Sisters OC’s by The Granger Sisters 16 144
This is where you can come to see all my starters and oc
  144 Reads • 16 Chapters
A guide to Hogwarts by Rose 5 303
Getting used to a high school isn’t that easy which is why I’m making this book as a nearly second year I’m going to teach you what you should learn about Hogwarts.
  303 Reads • 5 Chapters
I am here again to share some news about leacky caldr… by Sophia 1 157
Few days ago I shifted to the leacky caldroun and I met so many brown goblins and strange creatures (vivid dream)then one handsome man with black suit took my hands And told me welcome to leacky caldroun,we are preparing you to enter diagon alley,then he said I have to say Hogwarts is waiting for you what do you wanna buy for your school And I said all magical items And he asked how old are you…
  157 Reads • 1 Chapters
Witchy News Issue #1 by Cindy Holmes 6 561
Rumors, Recipes, Fashion, Spells, and all you magical needs and questions answered here. New Issue released every other Tuesday.
  561 Reads • 6 Chapters
Hogwarts is my Home by Zara John 1 197
  197 Reads • 1 Chapters
1st Year Herbology Notes by Zephyr 1 271
Hey! I'm Zephyr, Zeph for short, and these are my notes as a first-year Herbology student. :)
  271 Reads • 1 Chapters
Quotes, Quotes, Quotes! Vol. 2 by Aphelion Silvius 6 166
The second edition of this magazine-type thing!
  166 Reads • 6 Chapters
The Dragons of Berke by Fleure Aelisme 7 205
Have you ever wondered about the dragons of Scotland?! This book now brings you the complete list of the httyd dragons straight from Berke!
  205 Reads • 7 Chapters
Short Stories by Lena Rogers-Carter 5 235
These are just short stories I made,please,if you have an idea, shoot me an owl and I'll get to work on it! Some are tied to fandoms,while others are pure figments of ideas floating in my head. Who knows-maybe someone is actually living the lives I'm telling you somewhere out there.
  235 Reads • 5 Chapters
Quotes, Quotes, Quotes! by Aphelion Silvius 6 285
A small, weekly book of quotes!
  285 Reads • 6 Chapters
Oc's that made for you by Lena Rogers-Carter 4 227
These are oc's that I made for people who want one and don't have the motivation to make one. Hope you all like them! I do Marvel and Harry Potter,and update every week! Please feel free to owl me if you want to talk to me!
  227 Reads • 4 Chapters
My OCs by Caelyn Weasley 7 216
These are my OCs for rps
  216 Reads • 7 Chapters
Y/n Riddle (Book 2) by Astrid R Jade 31 360
(Read book #1 first) Y/n has an interesting life and her two brothers make it all the more interesting. Thomas, the oldest, is now going into his final year of hogwarts. Mattheo, the middle child, is going into his 4th year. Y/n is looking forward to her 2ed year at Hogwarts. Even while she is getting more notice in the family she still feels like everyone is drifting in different directions. Thi…
  360 Reads • 31 Chapters
Wesley's guide to conjuration by Wesley cole 3 253
Learn how to conjure any creature with a snap of your fingers. Wesley's guide to conjuration puts it into perspective what it's like to have an animal by your side whenever you want. Open the book. There's more than what you think.
  253 Reads • 3 Chapters
The magical journey by Aileen Foreman 1 194
Follow Eileen Freeman as she leaves her current reality in America behind and wakes up in the Wizarding world. Follow her through her seven years at Hogwarts as she learns magic, makes friends, eventually finds love, and helps Harry defeat the darkest wizard of the age Lord Voldemort.
  194 Reads • 1 Chapters
Tasteful Additions To Backstory by dfsfsd 1 197
Tasteful page headers, dividers, images, language/textual style joins, and so forth to reorder into origin story. (Just has stylish textual style interpreter joins atm, adding all the more as quickly as possible)
  197 Reads • 1 Chapters
The Lost Tresor by FRENEMIES 7 197
Are you sure Voldemort's dead ? Well your wrong ( in a certain way ) , read this book of my story and how we defeated Voldemort for good.
  197 Reads • 7 Chapters
First Years: Bitter Arguments by Andromeda Riddle 11 234
This book is set in Hogwarts. Written By Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Thank you, Luna, for doing half of the work! Please read, and review! Just owl Andromeda, or Luna, who has a profile with the Ravenclaw crest.
  234 Reads • 11 Chapters
Draco Malfoy: A biography by Ava Lilianna Snape 7 416
This is a biography of one of the beloved characters: Draco Malfoy!
  416 Reads • 7 Chapters
Just Me, the Forest, and the Girl I Love by Sophy 2 218
Meet Mia, your clumsy, plant-loving weirdo. Maybe life would be better for her if the girl sitting in front of her in English wasn't so hot. At least she'd be able to focus and get better grades. Now, meet Rachael, the smart, pink-haired lesbian with a cute girl behind her. Mia suddenly realises one this: she's falling for this girl. Can she ask out Rachael before it's too late?
  218 Reads • 2 Chapters
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