Student/HEM Fashion Writer
House: Pukwudgie Patronus: Black Stalluion Wand: Hawthorn, Phoenix Feather core, 12 3/4 inches, slightly springy. Blood Status: Muggle-Born
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My Backstory
I've always known that wizards and witches exsist, because my cousin is a witch. Every summer, when I was little, when she would babysit me she would tell me and my sister all about Ilvermorny and how much she loved it. She is No Maj-Born (Muggleborn), in the summer when I was 11, I would wake up everyday and check the mail hoping that I get a Ilvermorny letter. One hot summer day, I checked the mail and I saw a letter addressed to me! But in the corner of the envelope wasn't the Ilvermorny school crest, it was the Hogwarts school crest. I knew about Hogwarts from my cousin, she gave me the Harry Potter books. I was very confused, how could a American girl go to Hogwarts? I was so confused, it had to be a mistake, right? A week before September 1st my cousin and I flew to London to get my school stuff. I met some other witches and wizards my age who are attending Hogwarts and found out they have come from country's all around the world!

Fandoms: Too many to count