British League Quidditch Match - Cheshire vs. Essex

British League Quidditch Match - Cheshire Cats vs. Essex Elements

Played in the famous Miradon Quidditch Stadium on the outskirts of Manchester, this Quidditch match saw the arrival of many fans for both teams. The costumes were amazing; some witches and wizards had even transfigured themselves into cats for the team, others wearing cat masks, and Essex followers had decked themselves in a huge variety of costumes themed with Metal, Earth, Fire, Water and Air! The Match itself was very entertaining and certainly gave the watchers what they came for, the time taken being only an hour but a very eventful sixty minutes!

The chasers of both teams were equally brilliant, ending up with a tying score of 220 each. The triplet Chasers for Cheshire, Vienna, Lutzia and Eva Milan - very talented young players, showed that experience doesn’t always matter, drawing with Essex Chasers Dan Murray, Tyler Smyth and Max Madden, who have all been playing for over a decade. Both Keepers were also on very good form, unwittingly using very similar techniques. Keeper for Essex, Fabian McIlroy, commented:

“I have never played a fairer game of Quidditch in my five years as Keeper when it comes to goal scoring. We came up against equally talented set of chasers, and Meran matches my skill remarkably.”

Ivy Meran, Keeper for Essex, used similar terms and felt it was a very fair match:

“I believe all chasers played their best and all was equal. It was a very enjoyable game.”

The seekers were also of similar quality, although the outcome was that Cheshire seeker Madeline Johnson claimed the snitch as she and Essex seeker Peter Gallagher raced head-to-head. She considers herself extremely lucky:

“It was only because Gallagher took the bludger in his jaw when he was reaching for it, otherwise I feel Essex would have claimed the victory. My greatest thanks to our beaters – they really saved the day!”

Yes, Cheshire Beaters Sidney McCoy and Romanov Dale hammered those bludgers around - slightly more skilfully than the fiery Essex Beaters Rick Stevens and Jimmy Taylor. Unfortunately the latter two had to be called to order twice when verbal accusations and insults were tossed at McCoy and Dale. However, Referee Mohammed Monsoon did a good job with dealing with them.

And so the final score saw Cheshire triumph over Essex in an exciting match, taking the Cheshire Cats to second in the League table, just behind Cornwall and Fife. Essex now will face Norfolk in a bid to claim tenth place on the leaderboard as it slips down. Read the next issue for updates on Essex's positon in the league table!


Lilia Le Fay