School Quidditch Match - Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

School Quidditch Match – Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

For the third Match of out Quidditch Season, we saw a relatively exciting game between the competitive Ravenclaws and equally competitive Slytherins. Both teams played well, but in the end the Ravenclaws won as their seeker and captain Ella Hayler snatched the snitch from under Slytherin Seeker Samantha Lestrange's nose as she sneezed. This was after an estimated seventy minutes, much happening in the way of goal scoring before this.

The chasers for Slytherin (Myssy Turing, Layla Avila and Captain Mikaela Moon) were absolutely superb, working in a fluid and rhythmic fashion that scored them multiple goals. However, keeper for Ravenclaw Storm Brazendale was also playing finely and despite the talent of the Slytherin chasers, Slytherin's end score was a moderate 170 points after many attempts. Ravenclaw chasers Camille Warren, Alexa Rae and Crystal Hope were not quite as good as Slytherin's chasers, but scored 150 points due to Slytherin Keeper Selenia Crossfire being chilled to the bone up on her broom.

The beaters did add some excitement to the match, particularly viciously when it came to Slytherin beaters Alicia Da'Bae and Evelyn Silthrich, who put up a marvellous show, narrowly missing captain Ella Hayley as she dived for the snitch as well as protecting their chasers perfectly. Ally Eagar, one of the Ravenclaw Beaters, was also superb, but fellow Beater Ian Fournie didn't put in as much effort.

After seventy minutes of playing in extremely harsh weather, the end score was 170-300, Ravenclaw now in the lead for Quidditch points, closely followed by Hufflepuff. Join us in next month for another hopefully exciting game; Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw!

Lilia Le Fay