American State Quidditch Match - California vs. Arizona

American State Quidditch Match – Arizona vs. Montana

Unfortunately the would-be showdown between the two teams vying for a place in the league table was not as exciting as expected – in fact, it was extremely dull. The reason for this was mostly the matching of the teams; both sides had an equally low overall skill level – and the game went on for three and a half hours.

With Arizona’s Keeper Marco Finali ill with Dragon Pox, reserve Mark Gouton was called on as a both disappointing and poor substitute for Finali. As well as being clumsy and nervous, Gouton allowed the Montana chasers to score several times when it was easily avoidable. He later apologized for his poor performance,

“I am tearful to think that I let down fans and apologize for my playing. I think I sort of had stage fright, with the crowd surrounding me.”

It wasn’t just him; Arizona’s beaters Siobhan Meiker and Charlie Dane were completely out of it and added nothing to the game, barely protecting their teammates and hardly attacking the rival team. They didn’t work well together and it was later revealed that both were at odds with one another due to a previous argument.

Montana also had it’s flaws; the chasers Laura Douglas, Kylie Mennings and Michael Twaine were not connected or fluid in their playing, and even with a poor keeper on the rival team, they only managed to score 180 points in all. However, Keeper Rose Wood of the Montana team was superb, as were the two Beaters, Irving Marin and Dominic Nightshade, who not only protected their chasers and seeker well, but also fired a huge number of bludgers at the opposing team, hitting Arizona seeker Michelle Caine as she dived got the snitch. Unfortunately this hit the seeker at the exact moment she caught it, and captain Michelle Caine won the game for Arizona.

On the opposite side, Montana Seeker Freya Davis admitted she was truly mortified by her failure to retrieve the Snitch, saying after the game (with the curses that followed omitted):

“I thought she was feigning the dive, and didn’t go to follow her. I was sure I had seen the snitch by Arizona’s Keeper, Gouton, but then suddenly realized it was the gold badge on his shirt shoulder. I turned to dive but it was too late…I cannot believe I was that foolish and am cursing myself for the stupid mistake.”

With the Arizona chasers Robert Flay, Luna Hawk and Ned Hawk putting up a moderate performance and scoring an overall of 220 points, Arizona claimed the victory with a total of 370 points compared to Montana’s score of 180, therefore making it to the safety of the league tables. Montana said their farewells to the fans until next year, as they are now out of the competition.

Join us in the next issue for a hopefully more eventful game that decides the fate of the two bottom state teams; California vs. Arizona!

Lilia Le Fay