Actor Biography - Domnhall Gleeson

Actor Biography - Domhnall Gleeson

“I'm certainly a young actor. I'm certainly those two things. Actually, I'm not even young anymore. So, I'm an actor.” ~ Domhnall Gleeson

Most famous for his roles as Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter film franchise and, more recently, General Hux in Star Wars; The Force Awakens, Domhnall Gleeson has recently come into the limelight as a very talented young actor.

Gleeson was born on May 12th 1983, the eldest son of Mary and Brendan Gleeson. His father Brendan is also a well renowned actor, known for his roles such as Alastor Moody in the Harry Potter franchise. Domhnall has three younger brothers; Fergus, Brian and Rúairí, one of whom (Brian) is also an actor.

Gleeson attended Malahide Community School in Ireland before graduating from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts. Shortly after his graduation, Gleeson began directing and writing for stage and films, and started appearing in films in about 2006, when he starred in the feature film “Studs” alongside his father.

Gleeson was originally reluctant to star in the Harry Potter series, due to the fact that his father already played a relatively large supporting role in the franchise. In 2006, he said, “I’d been very certain about not wanting to do the acting thing because of my father. I thought I’d always have the father-son thing of ‘He got you the role’.” However, luckily, he did later change his mind and played the part of Bill Weasley incredibly well; I’m sure many Potterheads wouldn’t want him to be played by anyone different!

Aside from his acting career, Gleeson is a huge fan of the British Premier League Football (soccer) team Aston Villa. He also created and stars in the Immaturity for Charity sketches with his father and brother Brian. You can find the website (and watch the sketches) here.

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