Men’s Wizarding World Fashion

Men’s Wizarding World Fashion


Adriana Edwards also designed men’s fashion for her Black Lives Matter fashion line. In fact this is Edwards’s first time ever designing men’s clothes! 

For boys, long hair has been popular in the wizard community recently, many famous wizards have been spotted with long hairstyles.

Casual Wear:


The model on the left is wearing a nice white long sleeved shirt with a blue tie and a black vest over that. He is also wearing black jeans with some simple converse

The model on the right is not following the long hair trend. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a green and black cape. He is also wearing black pants and converse.

Formal Wear:

This model is wearing a white with yellow striped long sleeve shirt with a yellow tie. Over that is a grey suit with matching pants and black dress shoes.


Quidditch Wear:

This model is wearing a sweater with a red and gold cape with Quidditch pants, boots, and padding.