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Only last week, two wizards from the Institute of Research for Magical History in York, Northern England, made an extraordinary discovery in the form of a Victorian Mansion in the Yorkshire Moors. However, this was no ordinary mansion. Discovered only by chance when one of them attempted to apparate out of the area and accidentally splinched himself into the visible area, Mountbatten House was hidden from view by an immensely powerful cloaking spell and has, as it turns out, remained undetected for over 150 years; the interior having been left entirely intact and as the perfect example of a house from it’s ‘home era’.

That's not all they found, however, as, upon summoning a search tram and exploring the house, signs and notice boards, as well as hand-written messages, marketing it as a museum, were found, seemingly written by the original owners back in 1854, the year the House disappeared off Ministry Records. These mysterious, Unknown figures who owned and set up the house are yet to be identified, but appear to have been magical historians with a dream of setting the House up as a walk-through, accurate to the point time capsule filled with ancient spell books, old, dark objects and many antique potions and items that define Victorian Magic with the aim of it being a place for future historians to study. There are even letters from the “Master and Mistress”, informing “whomever stumbles upon” the house in the future detailing what they want done with the house and how they wish modern historians to study it under their instruction through the notices and letters. And, surprisingly, the Historians of the Institute have done exactly that. As well as studying the House as a perfect example of 1850s lifestyle and evaluating the interior down to every last detail, a den of dated but brand-new spells had already discovered, a breakthrough in many areas of magic; as well as recipes for potions never invented before or lost through the centuries.

Many Historians have been interviewed on this bizarre discovery and it's even weirder circumstances, but all have responded very positively, stating that they most definitely owe the previous owners for setting the House up and that it is, in junior researcher Darren Miller’s words “a historian’s wet dream”. The Ministry of Magic, however, are less convinced, believing that the House is potentially dangerous due to the unexplainable circumstances, even halting the expo rotary work for a day before power was handed back to the institute after a fierce protest. The Ministry are still delving deep into investigating the porter ty and its circumstances, however, although they are yet to find any way of trading its owners or any possible suspects who could in fact have been Lord and Lady Mountbatten.

As for the public, well, already conspiracy theories are being designed, more popping up everyday, as well as campaigns for the house to be opened to wizarding public once the research on its contents and background has been completed. However, this activity has not been viewed negatively by the Institute in York, instead seen as a pleasant surprise and fantastic way to gain funds for for more research, as it is not often the wizarding public become this excited over a matter of historical concern. They have even stated that they desire to open the house to the public by 2020, as a showcase of wizarding history and a Yorkshire Tourist attraction. Let's hope they live up to their word!


Lilia Le Fay