The Wizarding Gourmet (Review)

The Wizarding Gourmet - The Three Broomsticks

I decided to review a popular haunt this weekend, an old favorite in Hogsmeade. The Three Broomsticks, to be exact. Known by many as a student-friendly locale, I decided to check it out with a few of my Hogwarts friends on Saturday. It was blustery and snowing a bit, but my friends and I bravely donned scarves and hats and ventured out into the cold anyway.

The walk to the popular establishment was a cold one, but the cobblestone path had already been hit with a Melting Charm, and the streetlights were on, so we were able to make our way there with ease. The snow gave the outing a festive air, a perfect opportunity for a little last-minute holiday shopping.

Entering the Three Broomsticks was a relief, as it was warm and comfortable inside. I had clearly not been the only student to think this destination a good idea, because the room was full of familiar faces. Every table was full and the room was filled with the sounds of talking, laughter, and the clink of glasses. Everything was decked out for Christmas, from the towering pine in the corner to the garlands of holly by the curtains to the warm, dry snow shaking from the ceiling. Madame Rosmerta, the ever-active, whirlwind proprietor, seated us after a few easy moments of waiting, and we eagerly perused our menus.

Naturally, an order of hot Butterbeer was required by all, but one of my older friends tried to convince us that she was allowed to drink Firewhiskey. She ordered some, but took one sip and started to cough. Smoke shot out of her ears, and she was quite red in the face and had to have water brought to the table.

After that awkward few moments, we ordered some snacks for the table. Not much, just some 'Hippogriff' wings and an order of special Fluorescent Chips, which are enchanted to make your mouth glow in different colors. Some students helped invent a playful menu for the under-17 crowd, and some of the items are a hit. They arrived promptly, and we dug in. The food was hot and delicious. The fries were a little neon for my taste, and I had to use a Dimming Spell just so I could open my eyes to eat. The wings were spicy, and I drank most of my friend's water after eating one.

Madame Rosmerta came by to check on us a few times, refilling our Butterbeer and making sure we were enjoying ourselves. As our trip to Honeydukes was on the schedule next, we turned down her proffered dessert, and I paid the bill with a few well-deserved Sickles. I had just gotten my pocket money, so I tipped Madame Rosmerta with an extra Sickle and two Knuts.

All in all, it was an excellent visit, and just the warm and cheery pick-me-up needed on such a cold winter's day. Arm in arm with my friends, we headed out the door into the snow, destined for Fizzing Whizzbees.

Jamie Pevensie