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Outside Article - Murder of Innocent Wizarding Family in Tinworth

Six days ago, the magical residents of the partially wizarding community Tinworth, Cornwall, South West England, were horrified to discover that one of their ‘loveliest’ (to quote the mayor) families had been murdered in the night.  Matt Fisher, 34, and his wife Debra Fisher, 33, along with two of their three children, were killed in their seaside home in the early hours of Monday morning. The whole town, including muggle residents, are deeply shocked by the murder and cannot believe anyone could have a true motive to do this to the sweet Fisher family. Close friend and neighbor Thomas Meadows stated:

“They were an exceedingly peaceful and loving family, and took much part in the wizarding and muggle communities of our village. Matt and Debra both had simply jobs, nothing dodgy, and were lovely people. I just can’t think of anyone who would have a motive to do such a thing.”

Debra’s parents, Kerry and Marcus Langdon, also expressed similar opinions:

“Debra and Matt were very sensible and steady, excellent parents and optimistic people. They welcomed everything and everyone, but they also kept away from the bad type. We just can’t understand why anyone would kill them in cold blood unless it was for money.”

From reports and information at the crime scene, it has been evaluated the family was killed for exactly that. It seemed the murder was a robbery that either went wrong, got out of hand or the burglars were extremely violent. They made away with many family valuables and all loose money, as well as Mr. Fisher’s Gringotts vault key. However, despite this being a reasonable explanation, the extended family of the victims were not satisfied, suspicions aroused due to the entire family being killed so harshly and the fact that they were not a wealthy family or typical target of robbery. Therefore, once the ministry had moved out, private detectives were hired and continue to investigate the crime.

Work Colleagues were interviewed, but nothing of interest could be found out. Merry Davis, a witch who worked alongside Matt Fisher in the department for regulation and control of magical creatures, stated:

“Matt kept himself to himself – he was a very quiet man and though friendly didn’t socialize much in the workplace. I don’t think he was altogether happy with his job – he preferred history and was researching the wizarding war last I heard of it - but he did the job well. Still, I couldn’t tell you much about him – as I said, he never really talked to us.”

Debra Fisher worked from home and was, to quote the mayor ‘very involved in the community and the lives of others but didn’t talk about her own.’ She worked from home on Magizoology research and looked after her two children who were still living at home; Angela and Davy.

Meanwhile their third and oldest child, Jennifer (Jenny) Fisher, twelve years of age, remains at Hogwarts, surrounded by sympathizers as she mourns the unexpected and sudden death of her family. Jenny was the only one to have escaped the attack and is still having trouble coming to terms with the shock, though surrounded by friends and teachers, all of which are helping to soften the blow and provide support. She is soon to be taken out of school for a short period, however, for the funeral and mourning process. Private Detectives also interviewed her the other day for more information and received the only clue so far:

“Mum and Dad are – were – very dedicated and loved me and my siblings very much…I still don’t understand how anyone could – could kill them. I know they were involved in some sort of organization but it was nothing shady.”

However, when asked to further enlighten upon the subject of the organization, Jenny could give them nothing more and only said a few more words before breaking down into tears once more:

“I don’t know any more about it...I wasn’t told. I think it had something to dowith History but I don’t know….”

So, while private detectives delve deeper into the mystery, Ministry officials have come to the verdict that two individuals committed the crimes in an act of robbery. Details came from various witnesses stating they had seen two masculine figures running from the house, and from the crime scene. It is also thought that the two men were intoxicated as the house appeared to have been stumbled through blindly and strongly smelt of drink, as well as a bottle having been smashed over the heads of Matt Fisher before he had been murdered using the killing curse. 

However, one ministry official, Dorian Cartwright, strongly believes that the murder is linked to the attack on Sir. Angus Kern and Mini the house elf last month. He stated:

“In both cases there are the same two men and pointless killing. I, like the families, believe there are more motives behind the killers and that the robbery element may have been faked. Somehow, I think these crimes are connected, and Angus Kern had a lucky escape.”

This statement, however, has been dismissed as ludicrous by many, as there are no connections between the victims. The  Ministry is now hushing the crime and leaving the family to further investigate and mourn the victims.

- Lilia Le Fay