Quidditch Player of the Issue - Michelle Caine

Quidditch Player of the Issue – Michelle Caine

This issue’s Quidditch Player is none other than the talented seeker and captain for Arizona Michelle Caine! Caine has been in the game for six years now, starting at the young age of twenty-one, and received the position of captain just six months ago, having been playing for the Arizona team for a year before that. Caine, before playing for Arizona, had been a reserve seeker/keeper for the American team.

Michelle Caine was born in Canada but moved to New York at the age of ten due to her parent’s work. From the age of eleven she attended Eaglesclaw School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sorted into House Lammasador (similar to house Gryffindor). She is known for a clever wit and good tactics as well as being utterly fearless and very inspiring to teammates. However, due to stress
levels, her playing has been a little off lately, as has her managing of the team, and Arizona are now out of the game. However, she opened up in an interview and admitted to problems at home, and says she intends to bring Arizona back into the league next year with flourish and success.

As well as Quidditch, Caine enjoys playing soccer and surprisingly, designing fashion items. She has modelled or several agencies in the past and brings quirkiness and style to the new trends and makes a part-time living from this is well. She is currently modelling the new ‘cute’ winter fashions alongside her girlfriend for the American fashion magazine ‘Beautiful You’.

Lilia Le Fay