Ophelia M. Adallindis
My username was previously MC Melon
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My Backstory
Hi! I'm Ophelia Adallindis, but I go by MC or MC Melon. It's been my nickname for years. Feel free to message me if I'm online, in true Hufflepuff fashion, I love talking to people and making friends. More info about me is below!
House: Hufflepuff, obviously!
Wand: Redwood, 10 3/4 inches, phoenix feather, beautiful carvings
Family: Muggleborn half-brother, magical father and mother, muggle step-mom
Pets: Barn owl named Crumbs, he's a sweetheart. Back at home I have two cats, Luna and Marley, and a dog named Harper.
Nickname: MC
Favorite course: Herbology at the moment
Appearance: About 5'3" and always wearing black or band shirts. Brown, curly/frizzy hair which is either in a braid or high ponytail, brown eyes and really pale skin. I'm either reading or singing to myself or both, no matter what I'm doing.