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I am a proud Slytherin! It took the hat a while to decide between it and Ravenclaw. Though, I am very happy with it's final decision. I am in 1st. Year. My favorite classes are Charms and History of Magic. I'm good at Potions and Herbology, though. I despise Transfiguration and Flying Lessons.
I'm a Pureblood. I don't particularly care for Muggleborns, but I'm not really loudly prejudice. I come from a family of Gryffindor's, but my Mother was in Ravenclaw. My Family doesn't follow The Dark Lord, but I hope to when I get older.

I dream of following The Dark Lord. I wish to become one of his Elite. Though, if I cannot do that, I would like to be a Mythical Artifact Hunter. It seems like so much fun! That, or an Unspeakable at the DOM at Ministry.
To me, the most interesting part of magic are the Dark Arts. The way everything comes with a price. I think it's beautiful.
I am a Slytherin, through and through. I'll use ANY means to archive my ends. If I am completely honest, I dream of being The Dark Lord's right hand woman. It is my deepest desire.
I talked my Mother into a snake. I wanted to have a pet like The Dark Lord. He is solid black with large slanted yellow eyes. He is tiny compared to what I've heard of The Dark Lord's. His name is Zephyrus.
My mother is an ordinary shop worker in Diagon Alley at Floursh and Bolts to keep herself busy. My father is a thieving plunderer and I am ashamed of him. He was a Hufflepuff. I have not seen him in several years. I am an only child.
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