Monthly House Point Competition

written by Professor Virneburg | 05/01/2020 9:00AM | 24,965 Views

Show your house pride -- and pride in your work -- by gaining house points and doing courses.

The House Points Competition will run from the first of the month to the last day of the month at 12:00 PM EST.

 Contact persons: Professor Wessex and Professor Virneburg


Any points, from any assignment, count. This includes theme weeks, rewritten courses, or courses in your current year. Everything is fair game!

However, as always, plagiarized assignments will not be accepted. Make sure that your work is original.


How to Enter and Compete

    1. The competition will be hosted in this group. To join you will need at least 30 house points. If you don’t have enough to join yet, take your screenshot now (instructions on this below), accumulate some points, then join the group when ready and follow the rest of the directions.
    2. Take a screenshot of your HiH profile that also includes the date (usually is automatically recorded by most computers in the bottom right corner). You can see an example below (and here). We will only accept screenshots that show a date that matches the first day of the competition or later, so that old points earned before the competition are not counted. Late entries are fine.
    3. Upload that screenshot to an image hosting site (such as imgur) and post the link as a comment to the screenshot collection post in the group.
    4. Then, simply work to submit your assignments and start racking up points. At the end date for the competition, a staff member will go to your profile and calculate how many points you have gained since your screenshot was taken.
    5. If the staff has reason to suspect the information on your screenshot is incorrect or has been tampered with, you will be disqualified.
    6. Do not continue to post updated screenshots. Just post the first screenshot and we will take care of the rest.



The top three students will receive an award in the form of a graphic that will be posted on your profile and can be copied elsewhere, should you desire. All who participate will earn eternal glory for their house!


Previous Winners (Top 3)

June 2020: Crimsyn Hekate Chaska (1,120 points),  Twisted Tulip (826 points), Daxinia Ignis (409 points)

May 2020: Arielle Foster (1,318 points), Crimsyn Hekate Chaska (1,310 points), Laina (869 points)

April 2020: Crimsyn Hekate Chaska (557 points), Zara Phoenix (267 points), Arielle Foster (249 points)

March 2020: Timothy Walsh (168 points), Starlee Kennedy (167 points), Laura Compton (74 points)

February 2020: Laura Compton (18 points), Violet Granger-Weasly (18 points), Adeodatus & other oc's (9 points)

December 2019: blossom (46 points), Wisteria Thornburgh (29 points), Violet Granger-Weasly (27 points)

November 2019: Lani Bleil (200 points), zrazi (84 points), blossom (48 points)

September 2019: Timothy Walsh (284 points),  Kate A Dale (48 points), Ash Lytod (29 points)

July 2019:  Ash Lytod (126 points), Kate A Dale (95 points),  Isabel Rhodesse (19 points)

May 2019: Draco Snape-Granger (150 points), Ash Lytod (82 points), Kate A Dale (53 points)

March 2019: Dane Lautner (770 points), Becca Lynn (158 points), Ash Lytod (134 points)




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