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Hello there, reader! You may call me Tula and I’m thrilled to be able to meet so many blossoming and established witches and wizards here!

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Having lived in Fukuoka during my formative years, I was used to the metropolitan environment of the city, but began to gradually grow tired of the urban area and I hoped I could eventually travel somewhere a little less bustling following my schooling. So after receiving a Mahoutokoro letter, I was ecstatic about the mystical escapades that could be had at such an ancient and prestigious school. But let it be known that flying by giant storm petrel is not as easy as some may make it out to be, trust me!

Through these creatures, my interests of magical beasts started to take off and the determination to learn about the most common mythical animals in my homeland sparked the fire of my future career. Liondragons, Kappas, and Sea Serpents held my attention for lengthy periods of time; however, the sight of an inflamed avian gliding across the night sky was practically begging for my consideration. Have you ever seen a bird that could shoot like a comet overhead? It might’ve been a once in a lifetime opportunity considering their rarity, but I was captivated by the beauty of phoenixes ever since.

It took several years along with my general studies to contemplate the idea of magizoology, but I didn’t spend that time just laying around with indecisiveness. I spent the time researching all I could about the fiery creatures and a career in beast care and observation, excelling in my academics while anticipating my future out within the wizarding world. I was able to complete my final exams and, in due course, moved to London soon afterwards — beginning my post-secondary education when I was eighteen and now started working in the Beast Division within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.
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