Sahrena Adruina Slytherin
   The Heiress (Ghost)
Don't mess with the heir of Slytherin.
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My Backstory
Name: Sahrena Adruina Slytherin
Nickname: Serpentina
Age: Can't remember
Birthday: October 13th, 1106 Friday, Blood moon
Race: Witch, Half-veela
Wand: Elder wood, 15 1/2, Basilisk core, Hard flexibility
Eye color: changes involuntarily (usually hazel brown)
Hair color: Black as midnight
Patronus: Blue Morpho butterfly, basilisk
Animagus: 64+ different types
Favorite color: Royal blue, emerald green, silver, black
Favorite food: Smoked eel
Companion: Sargon (snake)
Characteristic: Quiet, book worm, taciturn, quick temper, powerful
Special Abilities: Morphamagi, Parselmouth, Invisibility, Can fly
Salazar Slytherin- Grandfather
Rosanna Morrigan - Grandmother
Marcurius Slytherin - Father
Alexandria - Mother (Half-veela)
Seraphina Danaia Slytherin - Older sister

I lived a long life and am now a ghost at Hogwarts. I am the guardian of the Slytherin common room entrance (though no one really knows that I am there) I protect the common room from intruders, and read in the big couch as a past time.



Name: Paegra Dinain Viigmy
Nickname: Paegra
Age: 15
Birthday: Secret
Race: Human
Wand: English oak wood, unicorn hair, 10 3/4, slightly springy flexibility
Eye color: Muddy brown
Hair color: Liquorice
Patronus: Borzoi
Animagus: Can't just yet
Favorite color: Green and silver
Favorite food: Pizza and red pasta
Companion: None
Characteristics: Bookworm, grade-conscious but lazy, hesitant, shy at first but very talkative, hyper, optimistic (sometimes), easily angered, can not go on without food.
Special abilities: Singing and writing.
House: Hufflepuff!