Hannah Augenstine
You need a little bit of insanity to do great things. There is a madness to my method. Also follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSer_For_Life
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My Backstory
Name- Hannah Augenstine, Parents- Dustin Augenstine (Pureblood), Jessica Augenstine "Zerrilo" (Pureblood), Birth Date- June 6th, 2000, Birthplace- Indiana, USA, Residence- London, England, Era- HP and Next Generation, Blood status- Pureblood, Family Loyalty- Slytherin, House- Slytherin, Race- Witch, Patronus-Fox, Animagus- King Cobra, Favorite Class: Potions, Siblings- Blake Augenstine, Madeline Augenstine, Austin Augenstine, Noah Augenstine , Significant other- nope, Familiar- Luther (Black Cat), Future Career: Potions Professor/ Mistress