Austin Ray


I'm not an early bird or a night owl. I'm some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.

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Name: Austin Skyler Blue-Ray

Birthday: 28th of March 1993

Parents: Ben Skyler Ray and Amanda Blue

Siblings: Chloe Ray and Robert Ray

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Cedar wood with a Unicorn hair core 14" and Brittle flexibility

Patronus: Bear

Animagus: Brown bear


Austin Ray is the first child of his father Ben Skyler Ray and the only child of his mother Amanda Blue. He was born on 28th March to his loving parents. His first two years was spent with his family with happiness. However, when he turned two, his parents decided to broke up and he started living with his father. Now that his mother was gone and his father had no idea how to take care of a baby on his own, Austin’s grandparents moved in with them to help his father. Austin grew up as a member of House of Ray, one of the pureblood families of Wizarding World.

When Austin was 5, his father anounced that he was getting married and their small family began to grow. On his first year anniversary with his wife Lillith, Ben told the rest of the family that his wife was pregnant and soon Chloe was born. Two years later from Chloe’s birth and one year later from his grandparents’ death, Robert, the youngest one in the family, was born.

Austin spent his days with his siblings, playing with and taking care of them. He learned how to play a guitar and his stepmother taught him how to read and write.

After turning eleven and starting Hogwarts as a Slytherin, the more exciting and adventureful part of his life began. He got out of his dorm at night to explore the castle, learning the secret ways to Hogsmeade. His first two years were spent with exploring only Hogwarts. When he began his third year, he started going to long walks in the Forbidden Forest. Meeting with new and dangerous creatures there, he got interested in magizoology. Thanks to his love for Transfiguration, he became an Animagus in his fifth year.

Until his graduation, he was planing on becoming a magizoologist; but when he realized that it wasn’t what he really wanted, he decided to take a gap year and find out who he really wanted to be. Spending most of his time with his friends in Auror or Cursebreaker trainings, Austin decided that he would like to become a Cursebreaker.

Now, he spends most of the year in Egypt, visiting his family and a few good friends in London whenever he has time.

As one can understand from his career choice, Austin loves adventure, traveling, and a little bit of danger. He also loves taking pictures, drawing, and playing guitar whenever he has free time.


Austin is a tall, well-built, brown haired man with hazel eyes. His eyes look cold most of the time, yet, a little sparkle can be seen when he finds new magical objects or when he is around his siblings or best friend. Even though his eyes make him look like a cold-hearted person, he loves joking around and making people laugh.

He usually wears black jeans, boots and a white or black t-shirt. His wardrobe is full of black clothes with a little bit of white or brown ones here and there. He has a long necklace with a photo pendant, which has his siblings on one side and a picture of him with his best friend back in Hogwarts on the other side. Even when he’s not wearing it, he carries the necklace in his back pocket to remind him the people he cares about most in the entire world.

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