Amaryllis Chadwick


"I get very little sleep" -Matthew Gray Gubler

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Name: Amaryllis Chadwick
DOB: June 21, 1979
Nationality: British
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Wand: maple wood, phoenix feather core, 12", supple
Pet: Short Snout (tawny owl)
Patronus: Tiger

Height: 5'
Body Type: small but muscular
Hair Color/Length: brown, long
Eye Color: blue
Style: baggy crewnecks and knit sweaters, joggers and loose jeans

Traits: friendly, talkative, spunky, passionate, stubborn, feisty, argumentative, temperamental
Likes: tea, Quidditch, being with friends/meeting new people, animals
Dislikes: studying, potatoes, people who argue false information, losing/failing
Fears: being alone, failure, loved ones dying/forgetting her

Father: Leonelo Chadwick
Mother: Aletheia Lassar-Chadwick
Siblings: Finian (older brother), Rosalind (younger sister)
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