Hogwarts Classes

Astronomy   (ASTR-101) Open Course

NOTE - All the new Year One lessons have been published. All my assignments are open book: you can consult the lessons while doing them, but for some questions the lessons don't co

Charms   (CHRM-101) Open Course

Year One of Charms presents an overview of the basics of spellcasting. Beginning with essential wizarding laws and touching briefly upon wandlore, we then discuss the components th

Defense Against the Dark Arts   (DADA-101) Open Course

Defense Against the Dark Arts Year One will serve as an introduction that will set the foundation for your magical education and properly prepare you for future work in Defense Aga

Flying   (FLY-101) Open Course

Welcome to Magical Transportation! In this class we will cover magical transportation as well as muggle transportation. We will cover flying on a broom all the way to apparition in

Herbology   (HERB-101) Open Course

Updated May 2018. <br> First Years will be introduced to the different elements of the field of herbology. This will give students an overview of the uses and applications of he

History of Magic   (HOM-101) Open Course

History of Magic 101 is a basic introduction to the history of the wizarding world. Topics covered include the various theories on the origins of magic, the Olmec and Clovis people

Potions   (PTNS-101) Open Course

This course provides an introduction to potions and potioneering. First Years will learn safety and fundamental potions usage, terms, brewing, and basic theory. We will cover major

Transfiguration   (TNFG-101) Open Course

An introduction to the science of transfiguration. This will cover what transfiguration is, its branches and laws, and basic inanimate transformations.

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