Hogwarts Classes

Alchemy   (ALCH-201) Open Course

Would you like to learn about everlasting life? Would you like to understand how to tap into your spiritual psyche? Alchemy is based off the ancient magic that some have read about

Ancient Runes   (ANCR-201) Open Course

Have you ever come across strange markings in old, worn books and wondered what they said? Do you have a love for languages and writing? Would you like to learn some of the world’s

Astronomy   (ASTR-201) Open Course

The Moon and the moons of other planets in the solar system. Year Two lessons have all been published. Those who did assignments in the old version can now do them in the new version.

Care of Magical Creatures   (COMC-201) Open Course

Care of Magical Creatures is the course for any beast lover. During your first year in the course, we will discuss the Ministry of Magic, the Department for the Regulation and Cont

Charms   (CHRM-201) Open Course

Students will focus upon charmable objects and how they are bewitched. This course begins with an overview of object charming and basic temporary charms before moving on to discuss

Defense Against the Dark Arts   (DADA-201) Open Course

Defense Against the Dark Arts Year Two will continue building upon the foundation set in Year One. We will continue our exploration of spellwork, covering more offensive spells and

Divination   (DIV-201) Open Course

Open the gateway to the future with your Inner Eye! The magic of the tarot and so much more is waiting to be uncovered in Second Year Divination...

Herbology   (HERB-201) Open Course

In the Second Year of Herbology, you will learn about common problems affecting plants, a more detailed account of the caring and tending process, as well as learning about some specialized plants that require slightly more skill.

History of Magic   (HOM-201) Open Course

In this class, students will be focusing on British wizarding history. Ever wondered how wizarding villages began? What was the first actual wizarding school in history? Learn abou

Potions   (PTNS-201) Open Course

In Year Two, Potions students will delve more deeply into potioneering, theory, and will explore in greater detail how certain potions can impact a witch or wizard's biological pro

Transfiguration   (TNFG-201) Open Course

In Transfiguration 201 we delve into animate to inanimate transformations and discuss some of the complexities and ethics behind these spells.

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