Hogwarts Classes

Alchemy   (ALCH-301) Open Course

Venturing across the world and traveling through time are two great aspirations. Why not do both? This year we will be observing Alchemy in different cultures and how it evolved

Ancient Runes   (ANCR-301) Open Course

This year, we will delve into the later variations of the Germanic runes, studying the Younger Futhark and the Anglo-Saxon Futhork. We will also look at enchanted items and discuss

Astronomy   (ASTR-301) Open Course

Our Big Blue Marble - Earth is the only planet we call home; it is what gives us life and security even as we look to the heavens all around us. In order to study the heavens, how

Care of Magical Creatures   (COMC-301) Open Course

Care of Magical Creatures will explore and discover thirteen different creatures during your third year of Hogwarts education. These creatures range from being considered pests, to

Charms   (CHRM-301) Open Course

Charms Year Three will delve into the body and mind. We will spend the year discussing personal spellcasting and how spells can be cast upon other willing people. We begin with phy

Defense Against the Dark Arts   (DADA-301) Open Course

Defense Against the Dark Arts Year Three will take us on a global expedition as we learn about the various Dark creatures that inhabit our world. We will be exploring what the crea

Divination   (DIV-301) Open Course

Unlock the secrets of your Inner Eye in Year Three of Divination. This year focuses on the more natural forms for divination, such as runecasting and astrology. A glimpse into the

Herbology   (HERB-301) Open Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a healer? In the Third Year of Herbology, you will learn about healing herbs, their properties, and how to plant and care for them.

History of Magic   (HOM-301) Open Course

Now that you’ve learnt about the British Wizarding History, we are going to venture further into the region’s wide spectrum of history as we learn about the History of European Mag

Muggle Studies   (MUST-301) Open Course

In Year Three of Muggle Studies, we will be diving into some of the fascinating inventions that help muggles in their day-to-day lives without the use of magic. This course will co

Potions   (PTNS-301) Open Course

In Year Three of Potions, students will focus on Healing Potions. For the most part, the course will cover physical healing for simple and more complex maladies. Every lesson will

Transfiguration   (TNFG-301) Open Course

In Year Three Transfiguration we will be continuing with transformations, exploring inanimate to animate spells along with some non-spell transformations.

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