Hogwarts Classes

Alchemy   (ALCH-401) Open Course

Alchemy isn't strictly scientific, it's spiritual too! This year will mainly focus on a branch of Alchemy developed from the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. Learn how to seek y

Ancient Runes   (ANCR-401) Open Course

Fascinated by the symbols of ancient cultures? Then come on in and learn about Ancient Runes, the scripts these cultures used to record their knowledge! This year, we will begin ou

Ancient Studies   (ANST-401) Open Course

Ever wondered what magic was like in Ancient times? A time when everyone knew and often worshiped magical practitioners? Did they use wands and potions? Are the Ancient Wonders of

Astronomy   (ASTR-401) Open Course

This course is currently being re-written, the new material will be available soon!

Care of Magical Creatures   (COMC-401) Open Course

In your third year of Care of Magical Creature instruction, you will learn about twelve different creatures, as well as a year long project on a specialty topic. The creatures cove

Charms   (CHRM-401) Open Course

We will delve into Intermediate spellcasting this year. We will start with an exploration of Counter-Charms, then move on to Substantive Charms (i.e. charms dealing with thermal an

Defense Against the Dark Arts   (DADA-401) Open Course

Defense Against the Dark Art Year Four will force students to face the unknown. Equipped with nothing more than their wand and a few cryptic clues to guide them through the Year,

Divination   (DIV-401) Open Course

In Year Four of Divination, we will be exploring the various methods of physical divination. Enter, and discover more than you thought possible from one glance at the person across

Herbology   (HERB-401) Open Course

What can you do with herbology? Nearly anything you put your mind to! In the Fourth Year of Herbology, we will focus on careers and fields of study that students can enter if they have expertise in Herbology.

History of Magic   (HOM-401) Open Course

Known as the largest continent in the globe, Asia is home to many mysterious cultures and beliefs that are unfamiliar to us, but no longer! Come explore the many wonders of the con

Muggle Studies   (MUST-401) Open Course

Year Four of Muggle Studies picks up where MUST 301 left off. In this course, you'll explore more about the intersecting worlds of magic and non-magic users and identify similarities and differences between the groups. We'll touch on government and schooling, careers and money... and finally, touch on the awe-inspiring invention of the INTERNET!

Mythology   (MYTH-401) Open Course

This class will teach students who are interested in pursuing careers in various fields about the mythology of major ancient civilizations across the globe . During each year we wi

Potions   (PTNS-401) Open Course

In Year Four of Potions, students will focus on Physical Modifying Potions. This will include beauty, blemish removal, and even the famous Polyjuice Potion. Every lesson will inclu

Transfiguration   (TNFG-401) Open Course

Transfiguration 401 will continue the journey through general transformations with animate to animate transformations and trans-species transformations. We will also begin explori

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