Just One Date

written by Kenzie Elz


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Should I know you?

Chapter 1


Chapter 1


Hi, I hope you enjoy reading this. I just have a few notes for you. Though these are not necessary and you can skip them if you must, I truly do recommend reading these. The content in these notes will help you when understanding and enjoying certain subjects.

  1. Hermione will sometimes get flashbacks of people or things she doesn't remember. You will notice that these flashbacks are strange, that they aren't like the flashbacks you'd immediately think of when you see or hear the word "flashback." This could be blamed on her being a witch or the abnormalities of her high intellectuality. In all honesty, her unique flashbacks could even be blamed entirely on myself. In her flashbacks, Hermione is aware that it is a flashback and is simultaneously aware of what is happening to and around her in reality. During her flashbacks, you'll notice this as well, Hermione can seemingly change perspectives and control how her memory plays out. You might be wondering, "seemingly? So, can she change perspectives or can she not?" Yes. Yes she can change perspectives. She can either be experiencing her memory from inside herself or from a third-person view where she sees herself and others but no one can see her. This perspective is sort of like she is in a pensieve, while the other is like she was tossed back in time. The reason it sometimes seems like she is controlling her memory is because her mind, the way she thinks, has not changed. With Hermione's high intellect and her ability to find the logic in nearly everything, it seems like she can control these flashbacks, when in reality, she is simply predicting her next actions and their outcomes.

  2. You will most definitely notice that Hermione is very good friends with George and Fred Weasley. Back in the books and movies, Hermione reprimands and scolds the twins all the time, but you can see that, now, she is much more lenient and curious about the twin's antics. She even helps them out from time to time. Hermione, as you know, was not always a fan of the twins. It took time, their friendships, but once she realized how passionate they are about their pranks there really was no getting rid of her for the twins. The first to befriend Hermione was George. George could tell that Hermione was beginning to understand them while Fred was still scared of her. It took Hermione a few study sessions to gain Fred as a friend. Once the three of them were friends they were nearly as good of friends as Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Once the twins introduced Hermione to Lee Jordan, their friendships solidified and grew stronger, all four of them. You might notice George, Lee, and Fred flirt with Hermione at times but do not fret, nothing occurs between them. In these cases, it is just the boys' personalities and their humor, nothing more.

  3. Ron and Hermione do not, and have never, had romantic notions for each other. No, I do not dislike the Ron x Hermione ship, I just prefer others, such as the ones I write about. Ron and Hermione, along with Harry and Hermione, are strictly platonic. They are best friends and see each other as siblings, the three of them.

  4. Voldemort does exist, he's just not important to this plot. In this story, Voldy Moldy isn't all that powerful, Draco isn't involved with him (except for the fact his parents are Death Eaters), and Voldemort is not actively trying to kill Harry. Voldemort is simply a wanted criminal who has murdered many and is also guilty of other crimes that we won't get into today.

  5. I feel very strongly about this next one. Draco Malfoy is not a bad kid or person. Though there is no proof that Draco was emotionally abused, there is evidence. Lucius, Draco's father, is only ever seen criticizing Draco, ignoring Draco's personal opinions and feelings, and forcing slimy, disgusting views into Draco's mind. The way Draco sees the world and all of beliefs aren't even his. Draco was smothered by his father's opinions and was constantly coddled by his mother, this caused Draco to never really be able to form opinions of his own. The way Draco is always talking about his father in some high light shows that Draco wants to make his father proud and shows that Draco wants to make people believe that his father loves and spoils him. While the latter is true, Draco always seems to be trying to convince himself of the former. If you're wondering, yes. Yes, I am saying Draco is a boy trying to live up to expectations while losing himself (though he never really found it in the first place) along the way. Yes, I am saying that Lucius is a horrible person. Yes, I am saying Narcissa is a very good mom, who may have gone about things strangely. Yes, I am saying that Draco is misunderstood. No, I am not saying that Draco is innocent, he has done some not-so-good things, but he truly loves his family and wants the best for them. Draco, to me, isn't an evil person, he isn't "The Boy Who Had No Choice," to me he is a mix of "The Boy Who Made All the Hard Choices" and "The Boy Who Made the Wrong Choices for all the Right Reasons." To me, Draco is really just a misguided, misunderstood, misinformed, and mistreated boy. To me, Draco's actions aren't completely his fault cause he is always under his horrible-excuse-for-a-father's orders and influence. Draco is a good kid.


My sixth year here is an ocean. A sea of people I should know and remember. But after I fell off that broom last summer, the only people I can remember are Harry, Ron, Ginny, Molly and Arthur, and my parents. I remember everything I learned through the years, just not the people and what they’re like. People, mostly peers, keep telling me I act differently, more tolerable or less tolerable. Apparently, I used to be some know-it-all bossy bookworm who got top marks and was The Brightest Witch of The Age. I am told that I used to be somewhat sweet and kind, but now, they say I’m a little rude and sarcastic, but the top marks part hasn’t changed. I assume people are telling me these things because I stopped acting the way they would like me to, and they wish for me to go back.

I was told that I spent last summer at the Burrow and Georgie and Freddie somehow convinced me to hop on a broom. How they convinced me to do that still beats me, although they are some of my best friends, so I suppose it's not too surprising. Back to the accident, I supposedly fell off about 150 feet in the air. All the healer could do was fix my external injuries but she couldn’t do anything about the damage to my brain, it was too risky, so here I am with amnesia.

“Hermione... Hermione... Are you awake?” Ginny asks.

“Yes, Ginny, I am now,” I tell the girl, though I was already awake long before she asked.

“Herms, I had a nightmare.” Merlin, I wish she would stop calling me that.

“Sounds like that's a you problem," I mumble.

"Hmm? What was that?" She asks.

"I said, 'oh, I'm sorry.' So, do you want comfort, or do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know, I think I can talk in the morning.”

“Alrighty, try to get some sleep, Gin,” I tell her and nod off.

I wake up early and get ready like normal. I head down to the library to do a bit of light reading but when I get there, some blonde boy is in the seat I normally sit at. After browsing for a book and settling on Hogwarts: A History for the millionth time, I've decided to just let it go and sit a few seats away from him. He looks up. Looks back at his book, and looks up at me again. He looks at me for a second and then begins talking.

“Hello, Granger.”

“Umm, should I know you?”

“No, not at all” he begins sarcastically, “We've only been friends for years,” he smirks at me. I can faintly remember that look, and the emotions it brings aren’t very nice, but then another feeling comes on. I begin to remember something.


It's this boy. The one in front of me right now. He has the same smirk on his face, but there's a twist. It's hostile and full of annoyance. The blonde is watching the teacher, Prof. Lupin.

"Alright, we'll be dealing with Boggarts today, Class. Who can tell me what a Boggart is?" My hand shoots up, "Yes, Miss Granger."

"A Boggart takes the form of your worst fear" I stated.

"Correct! Now, to fight this creature, you simply say one spell. You must think of something that will turn your worst fear into a joke. Now, everyone, say it with me. Riddikulus. Good, again. Riddikulus! No, no, no, you must say it like an order. State it, don't ask it. Riddikulus!"

"This class is ridiculous," the blonde boy says from beside me. I hold back a snicker, I've gotta save it for what I'm about to say.

"No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Pureblood," I say with a straight face. The blonde looks at me, clearly surprised that I spoke like that to him. It seems like the whole entire class is looking at me, including those two large boys behind the blonde, Crabbe and Goyle, I believe. The blonde boy's shoulders shake like he's laughing, then he smiles. A real genuine smile and his eyes crinkle at the edges. And then he is laughing. Not a laugh, but a giggle, not a snicker or chuckle, and actual giggle.

"Nice one, Granger."

"Thanks Malfoy," so that's his name! I knew that I'd figure it out without asking.

"No problem. Hey, I'm sorry. For everything. I'm sorry for calling you that horrid name, I'm sorry for picking on you for something you can't control. I'm sorry, Hermione."

"Wow, first name basis already? I'm kidding, Draco, and it's okay. Really, it is. Your judgement was clouded by your father. And I'm sorry, too," I tell Draco.

"For what!?"

"For punching you, though it was fun and I am not that sorry, I do regret breaking your nose."

"Oh, Merlin Hermione, thanks," he says sarcastically, rolling his eyes, "Hey, Granger, can we be friends?"

"What about Harry and Ron?" I was genuinely worried about what they'd think.

"We can be secret friends, Hermione. We can even act like we still don't like each other when we're around other people, if you want," he offers. And for some reason, something deep inside me, I accept.

"Sure, Draco. Friends." And I tiptoe to reach him and kiss his cheek.

-Flashback Over-

“Umm, well, if you remind me a bit about yourself, I might remember you.” I decide to play dumb to save myself the embarrassment of explaining the accident.

“Why don’t you remember me?” He asked. Did he really have no idea, did he really not catch wind of the story yet?

“I, erm, this is embarrassing.”

“Go ahead, I’m listening, I swear not to laugh.”

“Last summer, or rather, this past summer, I, erm, well... I fell... off a broom and now I’ve got amnesia.” His lips pressed into a thin line, his eyes crinkled around the edges and I was nearly overcome with the urge to press my fingers to ease the crease. His shoulders shook like he was laughing. And then he was. “Hey! You swore not to laugh!” and against my will, I begin giggling too.

“I’m sorry, really I am, it’s just that the way I imagine it is probably a lot funnier than it actually was.”

“Well, tell me how you imagine it and I might forgive you,” I tell him.

“I imagine you about four feet off the ground when you fall and hit your head, then you start crying, but it’s like a babys cry.”

“Well, I was about 150 feet up and when I fell, my shoulder absorbed most of the impact and I was unconscious as soon as my head hit the ground, so, I hate to disappoint, but no crying. And I suppose you’re forgiven.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about your fall.”

“It’s whatever.” I snap.

“Oh. Well a little about me. I’m second in class next to you, my friends and I, and your friends and you have been picking on each other since the train ride in first year but we have been secret friends since third year. I’m a Malfoy, I-”

“Woah, woah, woah, go back. We’ve been bullying each other? So why be so nice now? And... You’re a Malfoy.... Oh! You’re Draco Malfoy, the boy I punched in third year. Harry and Ron say that you hate me because I’m muggle-born.” Damn, still playing dumb, Hermione? That's not like you at all, I think to myself.

“No, I don’t hate you, we're friends, remember yet? And I’m being nice now because we're friends, and I realize how easy it is to get along instead of teasing you.”

“Mhmm, okay, well, breakfast is about to begin. I’ll see you around?” I ask Draco Malfoy.

“Yeah, sure. Oh, and Hermione?”


“No one can find out about our little civil conversations, we're a secret. It's what makes this friendship possible.”

“Uhh, okay? See ya!” I wave to him as I walk out of the Library and to the Great Hall to find Harry and Ron.

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