Another transformation...

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Chapter One

Chapter 1
The moon glistened in the black sky, shooting a white haze across the forest. It was full, meaning it had become that inevitable time once again. I stumbled out of my cabin, leaving the door wide open as the transformation began to take hold of my body. The sharp, shooting pain pierced through my skin as I shapeshift into a ravenous, hair-covered monster.

Living in the woods alone has aided me into never daring to repeat the villainous attacks of my past. I chose to live deep in the forest, away from any human or otherwise that could succumb to my ferocious nature. My family had all been werewolves, as well. All by birth. We were once a wolf pack, widely regarded as the forest's most dangerous inhabitants. It was with an unfortunate battle against the humans, where my pack was either killed off, or banished elsewhere. Either way, being a young ling at the time, I had been hidden away during the battle, helping me survive the ordeal. The aftermath was grim, as I never left. I had remained here in my family's cabin in the woods, hoping some day one of them might return.

As the transformation neared completion, I haphazardly made my way over to the makeshift cemetery just a few steps away from the cabin. I say makeshift, as I had built it myself to commemorate the lives lost in the battle. I approached the stream that lead the way to the graveyard, and my werewolf form manifested. It is then, when I hear a strange sound fall upon my monstrous ears. Typically while transformed, any noise I hear would have sent me into a rampage. Not this sound, however. This one stopped me in my tracks. I hear the noise once more. The scream of another werewolf, of that I am sure. Decades of isolation could not have erased that sound from my memory. The voice screamed once more, and my ears shift in its direction. I turn, getting on all four paws. I begin to run, anxiously towards it.


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