Burning Bridges

written by Alaina Potter

Sites say that when Lily Potter was killed, she was pregnant with another child. What if she had lived to birth that child, and she was alive in Harry's life? Well, that child's name was Hadley, and Hadley isn't some ordinary girl. A prophecy had once said, a girl born on October 30th, would be gifted with something much more vaulable then what you are thinking. Hadley has to go through a bunch of obstacles to retreive this gift, while alongside the golden trio, as they fight to save the Wizarding World. When they get stopped along the way, will things every work the way they want it to? Or would they still be searching for answers?

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A New Beginning

Chapter 1

Hadley shook her head to erase negative thoughts from her brain. She was standing on the edge of the Astronomy Tower, Harry, Ron, and Hermione sitting close by. She was overthinking what had just happened. Dumbledore had died, Snape had betrayed Hogwarts, and she kept thinking on how her brother must have felt.  She slowly turned her head, and saw Harry slowly making him way towards her. "I don't think i'll be returning," Harry said. "What do you mean?" Hadley asked, her voice shaking. "To Hogwarts, is what he means," Ron spoke up. Ron and Hermione stood up and joined the two of them by the railing. "He shouldn't but he believes that's what's best," Hermione said. "What? You can't leave! Hogwarts is your home! Where would you go?" Hadley said desperately. "Hide. Even if I did stay here, it's not safe. Dumbledore's gone, and if I'm here, everyone's in danger," Harry said. "He also thinks he's going alone," Hermione said. "I am," Harry said confidently. Hadley laughed. "As if. You aren't going anywhere alone. Not as long as I'm here," Hadley said. "I don't need you to protect me," Harry said. "I don't need you to protect me, either," Hadley said. They stared blank at each other for a moment or two, then Hadley placed her hand on his shoulder. "You're not alone in this. You never have been. We're here. We're not dead yet. I'm here. Ron's here, Hermione is here," Hadley said. "It's not up to you to save the world," Hadley said. "But he doesn't want to kill you, he wants me!" Harry defended. "And if you are trying to go save the world, how will that happen, if Voldemort has thousands against one of you?" Hadley said. "She's got a point," Ron said. Hermione smiled at Hadley. "You're right. He's not alone," Hermione said. Harry looked at Ron, Hermione, and then Hadley. "Fine, you can come. But I don't want to live with greif knowing that I killed you guys," Harry said. "It won't be your fault," Hadley said. With that, they exited the Astronomy Tower, and made their way to the grounds to say their final goodbyes. Harry spotted Ginny as they were walking out, and ran up to kiss her. "Stay safe, my love," he said to her. "Can't I come?" Ginny asked, pleading. "Stay with your family," Harry said. "But Ron is my family," Ginny said sassily. "You know what I mean. Stay safe," He said. With one final squeeze of the hand and kiss, Harry took off, without looking back at Ginny, knowing the pain would hurt less if he didn't look back. Hadley said goodbye to Ginny, Luna, and Neville, before running after Harry. Hadley looked around desperately for any sign of Mattheo, but couldn't find him. Mattheo and Hadley had a very serious relathionship before she had decided to run off. Mattheo didn't approve, but Hadley swore to it. Hadley sighed, and a tear fell from her eye, but she quickly wiped it off. Regretting choices, she quickly ran after Harry. Ron and Hermione stayed with pace with Harry, which, to Hadley's suprise, was very difficut to manage. "We need to get to the train, and jump off right when we reach the beginning of the lake, otherwise we'd be in the country for a very long time," Harry said. Hermione nodded. "Bring a change of clothes," Ron advised her. "Already covered," Hermione answered. They continued to Run till they reached the Train. Harry, Hadley, Ron, and Hermione jumped on, and the train slowly moved. When it got faster, Harry opened the window, to look for the lake. "Hadley, you go first. Then Hermione, then Ron, then me," Harry said. "Why do you get to go last?" Hadley complained. "So if something happens, you won't get hurt," Harry said. The lake was coming up. "We have to jump before the lake?" Hermione asked. "Or in?" Ron asked. "Before," Harry answered. He waited, Hadley preparing to jump, scared from head to toe. What if she never saw Harry or her friends again? What if she broke a bone, or something much worse? As her thoughts flooded into her head, Harry suddenly screamed, "NOW!" In such a worried panic. Hadley cleared her mind, and jumped. It was a long fall, until suddenly she hit the floor. Hermione and Ron came flying out after. Hadley got up, looking to find Harry. Then she saw him jump out, and came flying towards them. He handed farthest from Hadley, but she was thankful they all made it out alive.

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