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Im Roxhanner Mckenzie Half-blood, my mother was a half-blood was in Ravenclaw, she is a PA in the department of control of magical creatures. My father was a muggle-born in Gryfindor and writes the sports statistics for the daily prophet sports pages. I have a twin sister named Trixie in house Ravinclae and an old brother who was Gryffindor, he works part-time at the leaky cauldron in London while he trains to be an Auror. I'm the first person in 3 generations to be placed in Slytherin in my family on my mother side. we are second cousins to the Weasley family and 2nd cousin to the Malfoy family. My mother and father broke up 2week before Christmas when I was 9. My mother sent an owl to Narcissa Malfoy asking for somewhere to stay the Christmas break. She agreed as long she did not mention that mudblood (my father's) name. I and my twin were exploring the manor and we crawled through a tunnel and found ourselves in a library that had clearly not been used in years. My sister was chanting something she found on a book and suddenly a rush of cold energy flew through me and I passed out. The rest of a blur I woke up6 months later in a bed at st mungos. My mother and sister informed me that I had passed out and my body had been turned almost to stone but was still breathing. The healers had informed my parents that I need a curse breaker now not a healer. It took my parents 6 curse breakers before they found one that would take the job on. In my time asleep my mother and father rekindled their relationship and we were kicked out of Malfoy manor. I am very grateful that this curse brought my family back together but I am more grateful for the curse breaker who took my case on and it had made me want to become a curse breaker myself.

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